JTV, HSN And QVC: Replace Christmas In July With Halloween In April

Will it never end?

First HSN had Christmas in July. Then QVC had Christmas in July.

And now today, Wednesday, Jewelry Television has its Christmas in July.

And what is its Best Value? Another one of its dazzling diamond rings, at $100. Great quality, we’re sure.

Why not have have Halloween in April? Or New Year’s in August? Or Easter in October?

Baa humbug!


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2 Responses to “JTV, HSN And QVC: Replace Christmas In July With Halloween In April”

  1. Michele Cutrer Says:

    Hi…love your blog and find out stuff I don’t have time to check on. Do you consider JTV, QVC and HSN a bad place to order from? I have bought single stones from JTV and thru the yrs the other places. Sometimes it might of been hit or miss with the quality but i i I return it. And of course some hosts annoy me but when that happens but I want to see the item I mute! I’d just like to know what your general thought on these places are and is ordering from them a good thing.

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      I think you can get very good buys on gemstone and silver jewelry on JTV, QVC and HSN. I buy from all of them often.

      But when it comes to diamonds, I think the quality level, at least at JTV, is very low.

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