Jewelry TV’s Diamond Offerings: Not So Brilliant, Folks

We hate to be a Debby Downer, but we are getting a little tired of hearing Jewelry Television boast about being the biggest source of diamonds, we assume in home shopping.

That may be true, but they are the worse diamonds ever. We have made several diamond jewelry purchases from JTV, and sent them all back. The diamonds were as dull as dish water. We’re had much better luck with the diamond jewelry we’ve purchased from QVC and HSN.

We should have learned our lesson by really watching the diamonds on display on JTV. They have absolutely no brilliance, no ability to break light into a rainbow, a spectrum, of color.

By the way, we’re not claiming that we buy — or can afford — perfect diamonds. But they can’t be cloudy and grayish.

Buyer beware, unless you’re not fussy.


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2 Responses to “Jewelry TV’s Diamond Offerings: Not So Brilliant, Folks”

  1. Linda Says:

    I agree, their diamonds are disgusting!! Just like their show hosts….LOL

  2. Michele Cutrer Says:

    I have yet to buy any type of diamonds at JTV. I prefer the colored loose stones. I did buy a Rareties piece from HSN that had 2 different types of diamonds and it does sparkle in light etc. Some people said that that item was dull etc but it was only 1.2 ctw and I didn’t expect it to glow to me. I agree on a few JTV hosts too. I want to see the item not how cute they may think they appear on those side cameras they keep watching.

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