‘GMA’s’ Lara Spencer Joins QVC’s Hampton’s Charity Event For Ovarian Cancer Research

We’ve cringed every time we’ve seen Lara Spencer, of “Good Morning America,” dressed up as Wonder Woman for a QVC promo on “Super Saturday Live.” How annoying.

But it is for a great cause. She’s helping QVC raise money for ovarian cancer.

Lara Spencer

The home shopping network is teaming up with the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) for “QVC Presents Super Saturday Live,” which is scheduled to air live from the Hamptons on Saturday, July 28, at 2 p.m.

During this two-hour “designer charity sale,” fashion, beauty, jewelry, accessories and home items will be available at half the manufacturer’s suggested retail price with net proceeds benefiting OCRF.

Laura Geller, Peter Thomas Roth, Amrita Singh, Honora, B. Makowsky and more will be featured during the live broadcast from OCRF’s Super Saturday.

Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi is also scheduled to give viewers a sneak peek of his new Isaac Mizrahi New York line by offering a special item during the event.

In addition to raising awareness through fabulous finds, “QVC Presents Super Saturday Live” will take viewers on the red carpet with exclusive interviews with celebrities attending the charitable event.

“QVC’s efforts surrounding Super Saturday have been integral to OCRF’s overall mission of advancing the field of ovarian cancer research,” OCRF CEO Audra Moran said in a statement. “As a result of our relationship, our message extends beyond the Hamptons and into millions of U.S. homes.”

Joining QVC and OCRF in the fight against the deadliest of all gynecologic cancer is Lara Spencer, of “Good Morning America,” who is featured in both print and television public service announcements for “QVC Presents Super Saturday Live.”

“QVC is passionate about spreading OCRF’s message, and our hope is to heighten awareness with each broadcast,” said QVC CEO U.S. Claire Watts. “We are thrilled to have Lara Spencer’s support this year, plus we are excited about our new Pinterest initiative.”

QVC has turned to the social media network to launch a dedicated Pinterest campaign designed to bring even greater support to OCRF’s cause. The multimedia retailer created a Super Saturday board, which includes pins with Spencer and facts surrounding ovarian cancer. Followers are encouraged to repin with a purpose. For every repin, QVC will donate 50 cents, up to $5,000, to OCRF.


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5 Responses to “‘GMA’s’ Lara Spencer Joins QVC’s Hampton’s Charity Event For Ovarian Cancer Research”

  1. Kate Karam Says:

    Isn’t “Isaac Mizrahi New York” his high end line sold in swanky department stores? Is he bringing some variation of that line to the Q, or just offering one piece as an advert for the more expensive line offered elsewhere? Color me confused.

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    He does a lower-priced line for QVC

  3. Linda Verburg Says:

    I hope I have the right email address. I just wanted to thank Lara Spencer for caring about Ovarian Cancer I sometimes feel as though it is the forgotten cancer for women. I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in February 2008 at stage 2B which is early but not early enough for me. I reocurred 2 1/4 years later. I have done 17 rounds of chemo and counting. My sister was diagnosed 8 months after me at stage 3 C she is still in remission yeah. My other sister died of Breast cancer 13 years ago. My mom died of Ovarian Cancer in 1973. My Grandmother died from Breast Cancer in 1935. My sisters and I were unaware that there was a gene called BRCA1 which we could have had these preventive surgeries and prevented breast and Ovarian cancer. I did have the profolatic breast surgery in 2010 only to reocur from the Ovarian in the middle of my reconstruction surgery for the breasts. So Thank You Thank You Thank You. Love Linda Verburg

  4. kim gonzalez Says:

    Thanks Lara for the support! I am a 16 year Ovarian Cancer survivor and I wish there had been this kind of support back then! My cancer was stage 3C and it was not detected early becaue they symptoms are similar to other illness and at 32 you never think “maybe it’s cancer”. I was one of the lucky few, I had the best doctors and treatments available. I also saw many others who were not so lucky. I’m grateful to be here and grateful that this is getting some much needed support! You rock!!!

  5. DeeDee Wilson Says:

    Where can we find the tshirt Lara is wearing! Want one for all in my family! I’m a 52 year old ovarian fighter who was diagnosed in 2005! So excited for this event! Thank you for doing it!

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