ShopNBC Host Katina Forte Marks The Latest To Exit Home Shopping Network

The hits keep coming at ShopNBC — as in hosts making abrupt exits. The latest one is Katina Forte.

One of our dedicated readers tipped us off Wednesday that Forte was gone. ShopNBC had posted the news on Facebook.

“Katina Forte is no longer with ShopNBC,” the network posted.”We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.”

Former ShopNBC host Katina Forte

This exit comes just weeks after host Shawn Wilsie’s departure in June.

Forte seemed to be happy about leaving.

On Tuesday she posted on Facebook, “This is one of the happiest days of my life! I am so excited about what’s next! My dreams are coming true! Thanks for the love. You will be missed.”

Forte’s fans were not happy campers, however, and several mentioned on Facebook the abrupt exit a few years ago of host Charla Rines, who was very popular.

“This station only hires vapid hosts,” one person posted on ShopNBC’s wall.

“If you are let Katina go to make room for Charla, I’d learn to be OK with that,” another posted,

“Katina, head over to QVC,” wrote another.

“Kat got a better offer don’t worry about her,” posted another.

“What a scummy operation. Just carnival barkers and snake oil salesmen left, with the exception of two or three,” added another.

“First Charla, then Shawn, now Katina. Are you nuts? Good luck Katina,” posted another.

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8 Responses to “ShopNBC Host Katina Forte Marks The Latest To Exit Home Shopping Network”

  1. Linda Says:

    Sorry but Katina was one of the worst. Her voice was horrible, couldn’t stand to watch her. Charla, are you kidding me? THE VERY WORST of any host on any channel ever! Loud smoker’s voice and laugh – eewwwwwwwwwww. Repeating okay, alright, okay every sentence.

  2. Wanda Says:

    Let us not forget our beloved Libby Floyd, still miss her.

  3. kevin landon Says:

    Katina was the hottest woman on tv! She could really work it!Best of luck, Katina!!

  4. Sandydc Says:

    Katina started at QVC so I don’t think she will be heading there. She was the host at the QVC store when they used to do regular segments from the Mall of America store.

  5. dotty Says:

    I would like to see another person of color. We also buy there thanks.

  6. Cat Says:

    I’m glad Shawn got the boot, he was a mess…….Such a mamas boy…

  7. Lucille Ferbel Says:

    i am so angry that they just let their hosts go without a word to loyal listeners and watchers…..when i first started as a customer, there was another woman who disappeared without a word….at least have a farewell to these people who come into our homes….

  8. Shelley Jones Says:

    There not as popular as they used to be the have vendors of clothing from hell after Charla my favorite host left it took a earthquake on the rictor scale of a 100…there clothes and shoes are a damn joke and the new host that comes on 4.00am is a joke never changes her nail polish that hideous nail hardner color but I must say I like carmella but its a matter of time before they Fold I don’t care what new name you call it its plain old crummy..ughhh

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