Former QVC Host Lisa Mason: Did She Or Didn’t She?

OK, don’t jump all over us Lisa Mason fans, but the popular former QVC host is looking a lot different these days.

At least we think so, as do some of her other Facebook fans. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Lisa Mason now

Lisa posted several new photos of herself on Facebook, and to us, and we could be totally wrong, it looks like she had a little work done. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, we repeat. If we had the greenbacks, we might do it ourselves!

Lisa Mason then

You can decide for yourselves. But several of Lisa’s “friends” commented on the new photos, noting her change in appearance. In fact, one said, “You look like Gloria Estefan.” And she does, a bit.


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10 Responses to “Former QVC Host Lisa Mason: Did She Or Didn’t She?”

  1. LindaSonia Says:


  2. Anne Parrish Says:

    I thought she was very attractive before, but if this makes her happy, then go for it. Your friends will be your friends no matter what you do (or don’t do), and frankly, it’s nobody else’s business.

  3. Linda Hefter Says:

    I really don’t think that this is her …..different eye color also. There are 2 Lisa Mason FB pages….2 different, similar looking people.

  4. Linda Says:

    Doesn’t she have lupus? Maybe a combo of her disease, eye lift?

  5. Helene Handin Says:

    That’s her picture posted on her Facebook page. Whoever her plastic surgeon is, she should lose his number.

    • Linda Hefter Says:

      There are 2 Facebook pages with her name…one has the old pic…the other the new one. I am still doubtful that the new one is her.

  6. Peaches B. Says:

    OMG whoever it is should fire their doctor!! What the hell is wrong with these women who are so insecure that they have to make themselves look like clowns??!! It is attitude gals not pulling and puffing that make keep us youthful!!

  7. S Marion Says:

    you all need to understand the people start looking different when they mature. I’m not sure what you are looking at is the work of a surgeon or father time. I certainly don’t look anything like I did 10 years ago and believe me.. no surgery necessary. If indeed she has lupus, a lot may have changed in her appearance. We probably should not jump to conclusions, ppl.

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