Jewelry Designer Jose Hess Heads Over To JTV Thursday

Award-winning jewelry designer Jose Hess is debuting a line on Jewelry Television Thursday.

Hess lists some impressive credentials, and awards, on his own website, His name sounds vaguely familiar. Did he do a line for HSN, anyone?

(My smart readers have informed me that Hess was on QVC many years ago, not HSN.)

His Dance of Stones Collection for JTV is being done with fake stones, the cubic zirconia that the home shopping channel sells under the brand name Bella Luce.

Jose Hess

Here are the 13 pieces of Hess’s collection that are online now.

JTV lifted the first graph of its description of Hess from his website, with a few edits. Here is what JTV has online:

Jewelry designer, artist and craftsman, possesses a talent for creating original, contemporary jewelry that dazzles. Jose Hess is a driving force on the international design circuit. Master goldsmith, designer and gemologist, Hess’s roots and career path portray an artist and entrepreneur whose vision, sense of style and quality standards continue to keep him in the forefront of American jewelry design.

On his site, Hess says “contemporary jewelry that dazzles with diamonds.” JTV cut out the “with diamonds.”

JTV then went on to describe his Bella Luce line.

Jose Hess for Bella Luce jewelry collection brings designs that aspire to a kind of perfection that transcends fashion. This collection is inspired by these ingredients … logic, harmony and sentiment. Followed by the three golden rules; eliminate the superfluous, to emphasize comfort and acknowledge the elegance of the uncomplicated.

Jose Hess for Bella Luce strives to ignore the constant demand for novelty by creating designs that possess and elevated character and quality that conveys a sense of permanence in a world infatuated with the temporary.

As for Dance of Stones, JTV says, “This collection is free, exciting and magical. Notice the stones are set at different height levels to give dimension and movement. Many of the designs in this collection show interlacing parts giving you a feeling of continuity. The stones are set with a minimum of metal over them to enhance their brilliance.


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3 Responses to “Jewelry Designer Jose Hess Heads Over To JTV Thursday”

  1. Kimberly Thibodeaux Says:

    I thought he was on QVC many moons ago!

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    Yes, that is probably what I was thinking of, Thanks!

  3. PENNY Says:

    He was on QVC before. My wedding ring is 20 years old and a gorgeous JOSE HESS DESIGN. i STILL GET COMPLIMENTS!

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