Former HSN Host, And New Jersey Native, Dan Dennis Drops Us A Line

Sorry we’re behind in our posting, but things have been nuts.

When we were away for a weekend in Newport to attend our friend Deb’s daughter’s wedding, we missed a Facebook message from veteran home shopping host and fellow rock hound Dan Dennis.

Dan Dennis

First of all, Dan took us to task a bit for failing to list him as host on our blog. We would have given him more ink if we had known he is from Clifton, N.J., and that he attended Montclair State, which we drive past every day now. Dan just told us that.

Anyway, we don’t think we telling tales out of school if we let you read part of Dan’s message.

I was one of the three hosts that launched HSN nationwide in 1985 and 27 years later still going on. I spent 13 years as HSN’s prime time show host, written a book that sold over 100,000 copies worldwide and spent time in Brazil learning what life is like in the mines…

I also have an e-commerce site that has done quite well for itself, and that one is My legion of followers has stayed with me all the way … My second gem book will be out before the holidays.

Dan said he’s looking for a home shopping network to sell his book, and that he first one sold 60,000 copies on HSN alone.

Looking forward to it Dan.


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5 Responses to “Former HSN Host, And New Jersey Native, Dan Dennis Drops Us A Line”

  1. shari Says:

    I started watching HSN in 1999. I enjoyed Dan’s presentatiins, descriptions, and the wealth of knowledge he shared about gems. I noticed I hadn’t seen him in awhile, and while checking on an order asked the customer service rep what happened. She said he quit due to illness.I was really surprised. I’m wondering if he wasn’t let go- because I read that he was on all these channels that ended up closing down. It seems sad. Now he’s in TX selling stuff going from town to town. It just seems weird. That’s HSN, they’re on there one day and gone the next. I haven’t liked HSN for awhile now. Poor customer service, inferior quality merchandise..and at top $$$$$$ to boot. Some of the new hosts are screechy and obnoxious. Ditto the vendors. Bring back the old HSN. And some of those old, reliable brands. I’m surprised Antthony, Jay King, and Nicky Butler are still on there. And Andrew Lessman. Those are good, solid brands….and classy gentlemen, too. I haven’t bought anything in several years out of protest. The change has not been good.

  2. Cyndi Mather Says:

    Dan is not at all modest or humble if you ask me. He needs recognition all the time. I see it at his latest job at the Liquidation Channel. Always boasting about who he knows, who went to his daughter’s wedding, how long he has known them. He also says unkind things to his co-workers while on air just to make himself look better or to try to make himself feel better. I don’t like to watch him. I will change the channel now whenever he comes on. It stinks because the LC had become one of my favorite channels. I wish he would just retire. He is in a perpetual mid life crisis. If he needs constant reassurance, he should just build an alter in his living room and just stay home.

    • rholland Says:

      I never knew who Dan Dennis was until he came back to the LC. From what I see, he believes he started the LC. HSN and the entire home shopping industry.I find him to be rather abrasive and arrogant. There have been a couple of times when he has said a gemstone is natural and untreated when is is not. I’m not sure when the last time he when to a mine was. I know he mentions doing research online a lot. How does that make him an expert? I do research online too. I think he is quickly becoming irrelevant in the gemstone world. There are several young experts at the LC that still travel to the mines and they always come back with new, updated information. Dan is boastful and brash as well. I have come to change the channel when he is on which is pretty much everyday. The last time I watched him, he called his co-host “honey”. That was enough for me. He needs to go back to the 80’s.

  3. Betty Says:

    Although I feel sorry for Dan in that he’s had some health issues, I don’t care for him anymore.
    He was more politically correct in his days at HSN- at least when I watched- than he has been on LC. But there was a grumbly, grouchy thing that emerged every now and then. And he has always been arrogant.
    I miss the old days at HSN, pre 2001, and I think that’s why I think I miss him. But I do not. He SEEMS to know a lot about gems, but, for someone so enthralled with their beauty……why did he not put any pictures in his “best selling” book?!? I’ve heard from several people that it had no pictures. I haven’t seen it, nor do I want to.
    He should be gracious and charming, like former HSN host John Cremeans. He was with them a long time, too. And although he acknowledges his skills and contributions, he doesn’t wave them in your face or claim he founded several channels. The way he talks, you’d think Dan Dennis founded the whole home shopping channel industry.
    I wish him good health but I think he needs to retire from home shopping. A good host he is not.

  4. Vickie Gadson Says:

    Dan is a wonderful host and makes my whole day brighter. Also,I love to buy gem stone jewelry
    I have looked everywhere and can’t find jewelry at a better price a LC

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