Jimmy Fallon’s QVC Debut, 50 Cent’s Goodbye

We only saw about the last 15 minutes of QVC’s primetime show with Jimmy Fallon and 50 Cent last night. In fact, we really only saw Fallon.

What we eyeballed was actually pretty well done. Fallon, looking cash (as in casual), was pitching his new DVD, which we think went into advance orders. He talked about meeting the great Bob Dylan, and then performed a song in Dylan’s style, when we tuned in.

Fallon also did a couple of imitations of his favorite comedians, including Adam Sandler.

All in all, it was cute, although that annoying QVC host Shawn Killinger did insist on asking Fallon annoying questions. But he was cool.

The only gander that we got of 50 Cent is when he came out at the end of the show. And he had a big smile on his face.

There was a live audience, which actually gave Fallon a standing-O at the end of his segment.


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2 Responses to “Jimmy Fallon’s QVC Debut, 50 Cent’s Goodbye”

  1. Debbie Smith Says:

    I can’t stomach Shawn Killinger …. and did you notice how she couldn’t keep her hands to herself … hugging Jimmy Falon and also 50 Cent … she had stars in her eyes ….. just sayin….

  2. Barbara Says:

    50 was on twice, as was Jimmy. Both times, Shawn came out – uninvited – and made 50 very uncomfortable. He handled it like a true professional. (Probably used to groupies, too!)

    The first presentation was over thirty minutes and you can see it online. He was standing with Rick. The second presentation was shorter and 50 and Rick were sitting. If 50 was not so modest, it would have not been a G rated presentation. She was rubbing his inner thigh and you can connect the rest of those dots.

    She also wanted his SK necklace. She had no clue as to what the SK stood for, which was hysterical to me. I guess she never saw 50 and Joan in his commercial.

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