Stefani ‘Gabby’ Greenfield To Debut Perfume On HSN

Motor mouth Stefani Greenfield, who does the Curations clothing line for HSN, will be premiering a perfume on the home shopping network later this month.

Curations Eau de Parfum will debut exclusively on HSN on June 19.

The fragrance “was personally developed by Greenfield as the very first layer of style that touches your skin,” HSN puffed in its press release Wednesday. “With a career devoted to helping women look and feel better, she approached her first ever fragrance from a fashion perspective.”

Here is the canned quote from Greenfield, who gives New Yorkers a bad name. She never shuts up!

“Applied directly to the skin as part of your morning ritual before getting dressed for the day, Curations Eau de Parfum provides the perfect foundation to layer on your signature look for the day, from the body up,” Greenfield supposedly said. “Skin fresh from the shower or bath absorbs beautifully. The fragrance seeps in and you start your new day feeling beautiful and empowered. It’s about living in the moment.”

And she goes on.

“Curations has celebrated women and their personal style journey for three exciting years,” said Greenfield. “During that time, we’ve built a relationship of trust with our HSN customers that allows them to look as good as they feel and feel as good as they look. I love bringing new fashion finds to my fans that will become collectible, ‘must wear’ items in their everyday wardrobe.”

And on:

“As we developed Curations Eau de Parfum, we blended luxuriously fragrant notes to create a journey for the senses,” adds Greenfield. “It’s a gift to our audience as we celebrate this special anniversary together.”

Here’s the description of this stuff:

The fragrance unfolds into a heart of hypnotic florals where rose, freesia, neroli and iris intermingle. Bright notes of apricot blossom & mandarin sparkle with the richness of black currant. Ultimately, the notes are warmly wrapped in a sensual base of exotic patchouli, creamy sandalwood & the glow of rich amber for a lingering elegance.

Curations debuted on HSN in March 2009.

“Stefani and Curations by Stefani Greenfield both have a very loyal following on HSN,” said Betsy Olum, HSN’s general manager of beauty and merchandising strategy.
“Fragrance is an exceptionally strong category for us and to expand the brand into beauty was the next logical step. We’re thrilled to add Curations Eau de Parfum exclusively at HSN.”


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