Mary J. Blige Charity Donations From HSN Perfume Sales Have Wafted Away, New York Post Claims

Singer Mary J. Blige, who broke sales records when she debuted per perfume “My Life” on HSN, is in a lot of hot water. Part of those fragrance sales were supposed to go to Blige’s charity, but it doesn’t look like they ever made it there.

The New York Post reported Sunday that Blige’s charity for women has “hundreds of thousands of dollars” unaccounted for; hasn’t filed all its federal tax returns; and has been named a defendant in two lawsuits.

The Post story talks about how part of the sales from “My Life” were supposed to go to her charity, but now those donations are missing.

“She (Blige) was promoting her fragrance, My life, which sold a record 60,000 bottles on the Home Shopping Network during its six-hour debut in 2010,” The Post wrote. “One dollar from each sale was supposed to benefit The Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, known as FAWN.”

But according to The Post, “Where the $60,000 from the fragrance sale and other donations went is a mystery. The group’s 2010 annual report has nothing on its finances for that year.”

The lawsuits against the charity were filed by a group of musicians, who allege they were stiffed for $167,000 after performing at a gala; and by TD Bank, for a $250,000 loan it extended and was never repaid.

Not cool, Mary J.

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3 Responses to “Mary J. Blige Charity Donations From HSN Perfume Sales Have Wafted Away, New York Post Claims”

  1. Surrah De Almeida Says:

    So NOT Cool, Indecent and CRUEL!!! Very Greedy….supposedly donating only one dollar per bottle of your own fragrance to your own charity? Thanks, Linda, for getting truth out there about this scam! And stiffing musicians, on top of this disgusting story for women in need? I guess Mary hasn’t heard about “What goes around, Comes Back Around!

  2. Peaches B. Says:


  3. Reenee Says:

    Wow, this is really disgusting! Wonder how Lisa Price of “Carols Daughter” feels about this. Wasn’t she the one who brought her to HSN and mentored her? I’m sure Lisa is mortified!

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