‘Clean House’ Vet Niecy Nash Tries To Clean Up On HSN

How come HSN and QVC haven’t approached us about doing a jewelry line? Was it that story that we did about Mike George’s compensation? It seems like everyone else and their mother is doing a home shopping collection.

Case in point: It’s news to us, unless we wrote about it and forgot about it, but actress-TV host Niecy Nash has a jewelry line that premiered on HSN Tuesday.


We didn’t see the HSN segment, but we looked at Nash’s fashion jewelry online. We like big and bold, but some of the pieces were a little out there even for us. All the pieces had a flower motif, with bracelets, earrings, rings and even some cute belts. There was also a feather flower pin.

“Rarely seen without a bloom in her hair, actress Niecy Nash brings her love of flowers to HSN,” the home shopping network’s website said. “Her new collection of fashion jewelry and accessory must-haves reflects the comedian’s upbeat and fun attitude.”

We know Nash from her work on Style Network’s “Clean House,” as well as a Celebrity Panelist on CBS’s “The Insider.”

She also played officer Raineesha Williams on the hilarious Comedy Central hit, “Reno 911!,” and was in the Fox comedy flop “Do Not Disturb,” with Jerry O’Connell, in 2008.


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