Beach Boys Surf Onto QVC Wednesday For Live Concert: That’s Why God Made The Home Shopping Networks

The Beach Boys will be performing live on QVC Wednesday, touting their new CD.

The “Boys” will be doing a “Q Sessions Live” concert from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., promoting “That’s Why God Made the Radio.”

But why did God make home shopping networks? To give artists a new platform to hawk their albums?

Here’s the blurb from

In 2012, the Beach Boys, one of the world’s most legendary bands in pop music history, will reunite for a global 50th Anniversary Celebration. The Beach Boys are the first American pop band to celebrate the 50-year milestone and in honor of the occasion, Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and David Marks have come together for a new studio album and commemorative catalog releases.

For five decades, the Beach Boys created music that has become the world’s soundtrack to summer, earning the band 4 No. 1 singles and 36 Top 40 U.S. hits.

You can catch the good vibrations with a very special Q Sessions Live to introduce the Beach Boys newest album, ‘That’s Why God Made the Radio,’ set to release on 6/5/12.

So don’t miss your opportunity to pre-order this highly anticipated new album on QVC before it hits the stores! We’ll also offer an exclusive configuration of their Greatest Hits compilation that will only be available on QVC.

The $19.98 package from QVC includes: “That’s Why God Made the Radio” CD and bonus “Greatest Hits” CD


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One Response to “Beach Boys Surf Onto QVC Wednesday For Live Concert: That’s Why God Made The Home Shopping Networks”

  1. Wayne Says:

    This is the final tour & final album for the Beach Boys with Brian back so going out with a bang is predictable on their 50th anniversary. . It probably is the reason why God made home shopping channels because hopefully the Stones & Aerosmith will be rockin on QVC as well.

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