ShopNBC CEO Keith Stewart Made $1,194,375 Last Year

Boy, did we go into the wrong profession! Home shopping is the place to be.

First, we learned that QVC Inc. raked in $29.6 million smackers in compensation last year. On Friday ShopNBC filed papers with the Securities and Exchange Commission that revealed that its CEO Keith Stewart made last year.

Stewart, 49, received chump change in comparison to George. But it’s chump change we wouldn’t mind having in our pocket: $1,194,000 in compensation, his base salary and target bonus.

However, there is a footnote in the filing on Stewart’s comp, which says, “No bonus was paid for fiscal 2011. The fiscal 2011 target amounts differ from the amounts reflected in the Summary Compensation Table provided below because the above table reflects targeted annual cash incentive, while the Summary Compensation Table reflects that no short term cash incentive was paid for the year.”

You figure it out. Bottom line, the dude made more than a million. And that goes a long way in Minnesota.

William McGrath, ShopNBC’s executive vice president and chief financial officer, made $450,000.

Annette Repasch, senior vice president and chief merchandising officer, took home $504,000.

Teresa Dery, senior vice president and general counsel, had $315,000 in comp.

And Kelly Thorp, senior vice president of human resources, made a tidy $315,000.


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One Response to “ShopNBC CEO Keith Stewart Made $1,194,375 Last Year”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Don’t go there please. I started with that co. since Value Vision and saw them get better and better when they were bought out by shopnbc. Their product quality went up and up with real gold and lots of companies. And then saw them go down, down ever since they dropped all their great hosts. How does this idiot earn so much when shopnbc is hanging on by a thread? How many times do i thave to say it, it’s so obvious to this seasoned buyer who is still paying off cgtredit because their hosts talked me into the products. If it wasn’t for Chuck Clemency, Michael V. , and Isomers they would not be on air. Gone are Karen Conolly, Charla Rines, The McCoy’s and now i barely see Pamela McCoy’s clothing line, barely see Margie C. How can they afford to pay this idiot over a million when it’s sinking into it’s grave. I give it another five years to go ugynder if they are still working the way he’s managing. Of course when your president you’re not managing anyway.

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