Kirk’s Fairy Godmother Chokes On Own Fairy Dust On QVC

God, or a fairy, will get us for this one.

Early Thursday morning we just could not get to sleep, so we took to the couch and put on QVC.

The what some might call whimsical, and others might call goofy, was on: Kirk’s Folly.

For those not in the know, this jewelry and accessory line offers sparkly goods with fairies, sparkles etc.

Sharon Faetsch, and Helen and Jenniefer Kirk

It is celebrating is 20th anniversary on the home shopping network, and Jenniefer Kirk, known by Kirks Folly collectors as the Fairy Godmother, was in the house in West Chester, Pa.

Kirk was on with QVC host Sharon Faetsch. During the show, Kirk took out one of the magic wands that she hawks and sprinkled “Follydust,” or fairy dust, all over the table and the host.

But that dust came back to haunt Kirk later in the show, when she apparently inhaled some of it and started coughing uncontrollably. Girlfriend, do not make a mess sprinkling that crap all over!

Later on, host David James had a laugh when he pointed out that the fairy dust was now all over the velvet “necks” that hosts use to display jewelry.

For the uninitiated, here is some info on Kirk’s Folly from its website.

Jenniefer has taught thousands of Kirks Folly enthusiasts how to make their dreams come true by taking them to the fairy tale places of their imaginations.

During each QVC Show, The Fairy Godmother presides over a magical destination. These shows are beautifully elaborate productions with settings and costumes that bring the Kirks Folly fantasy themes to life.

The Fairy Godmother is never without her Magic Wand which is filled with Follydust. For those of you who don´t know about Follydust, it´s a glittering mixture made from the magic of a baby´s smile and light of the brightest star. It also contains a special mix of Moondust, Pixiedust and Stardust and is especially powerful.

It must be used wisely because dreams do come true! The Fairy Godmother´s Wand and magical Follydust (along with a smaller Magic Wand for the less adventurous) can be found in our Online Shopping pages in the Home Accent and Gifts section.

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