QVC Host Mary Beth Roe And Husband Celebrate 29th Wedding Anniversary

We’re always curious to see what the spouses of QVC and HSN hosts look like, and we just got a gander at Mary Beth Roe’s hubby.

Roe posted a photo of her and her husband Mark on Facebook today.

“Hi friends, I’m taking a few days off to spend time with my family as Mark and I celebrate 29 years of marriage!” she wrote. “Just like every other married couple, some years are tougher and some years are better than others. But, I have to say that Mark and I are closer now than we have ever been before after all these years. Sometimes relationships grow stronger after going through the difficult times together. I am truly blessed!!”

Congrats, Mary Beth!

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23 Responses to “QVC Host Mary Beth Roe And Husband Celebrate 29th Wedding Anniversary”

  1. May Says:

    Marybeth looks great! good to know who her plastic surgeon is.
    these hosts are NOT allowed to change their looks or hairstyles, i understand, as they have their own following of shoppers. it’s all in the sales numbers of course- that matters.
    I have to add, that qvc n hsn items are getting expensive…just add in the tax, delivery, n the item costs more.
    I do love their birki type footwear tho’.

    he doesn’t look bad either.

  2. Peaches B. Says:

    I have been watching Mary Beth for years and she still does a great job and looks great. However she would look at least ten years younger if she cut her hair short like she used to wear it. Make over needed!!

  3. Lorsie Says:

    She’s the only host I can tolerate on the show. The rest are plastic phonies who make you crazy. The mornings with Pat and the other woman – I swear she is on some kind of muscle relaxer or anti-anx. meds with all the silly hysterical laughing-over nothing.

  4. Peter D. Samaniego Says:

    Mary Beth Roe that is a very lucky Man next to you in that picture and i love to watch QVC when your on Beautiful.

  5. Kaye Cuthbertson Says:

    How do you send specific questions about products to particular QVC Hosts? I am trying to send a question to Mary Beth Roe about a product that she has mentioned on the show.
    Thank You !

  6. barbara gagnon Says:

    i love marybeth roe too. i can’t stand jane tracy. she is such a phony-when she talks about her nonny-that’s her high fluting way of saying nanny.. we need some more host like beautiful-down to earth marybeth. can’t stand lisa robertsone either. another phony.

  7. Jewel D. Byrd Says:

    I could not agree more with your statement. Being a second time around after the first of 24 I can relate. Team work is the key and the open line of communication, and trusting is a large factor. So sorry to hear about the loss of your precious mother.

  8. Janis Meduski Says:

    Barbara Gagnon, Nonny is not a nanny, it is another name for grandmother.
    Jane has a charming and sincere personality.

  9. Tony Bidwell Says:

    Dude, Mary Beth Roe doesn’t look old enough to be married 29 years! She is an example of anti-aging success!

  10. Carole Says:

    I have been watching Mary Beth since she was with CVN &pregant with her first child. She is a real lady & I look up to her as an example.

  11. Carole Says:

    The very negative remarks about Pat, in her morning show, were unkind & totally uncalled for. Be ashamed of yourself!

  12. sherri deshane Says:

    lisa Robertson is the phoniest one of all do not watch when she is on

  13. sherri deshane Says:

    Marybeth roe is a sweetheart always watch when she is on

  14. Lila Waite Says:

    they all do their best!

  15. nancy smith Says:

    Mary Beth was the first host on QVC the first day I ever watched “my number one shopping places of all times”. She explains all merchandise to a T~~. I love watching her host any and all items!!! P.S. This is to QVC in general: I along with around 450 workers all agree that the company is now selling merchandise that is really too expensive to buy now! A lot of your items can be bought at discount stores cheaper which means no shipping and handling! Your choice of handbags and shoes are just too expensive so I don’t even watch those events anymore. In fact I have stopped watching many of your events due to extreme over-pricing!

  16. nancy smith Says:

    Oh goodness! I!!!! forgot to tell you Mary Beth, you and your husband were meant for each other!!!!! The both of you just light up and even have a close look alike~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  17. s. oka Says:

    Susan Graver drivers me CRAZY!!! She needs to STOP TALKING when the HOST is explaining the item. Many times she is talking and acting STUPID while the host is giving important info about the item! I have to call QVC to get the length of a blouse for instance because she speaking above the host. She has nice stuff but she is a turn OFF!!! I don’t watch her shows!

  18. s. oka Says:

    I think JILL BAUER and Mary Beth Roe are by far the best host

  19. Cynthia Reynolds Says:

    I agree Susan Graver TALKS too much – very annoying to watch. Keep quiet while the host is talking!!!

  20. meg derkatsch Says:

    I think all the host are very professional, they do a wonderful job.

  21. Anne W Giddings Says:

    I’ve stopped buying anything because it’s all polyester or rayon- way too hot for me here in Central California! I go for Denim & Co.’s 95-5 blend of cotton & spandex. Newer clothes too maternity-looking & appear very cheap- WalMart & Kohls-quality looks. Models & a few hosts have gained a ton of weight…..I’m sticking with Quacker & Denim. DO enjoy the Q most of the time!!

  22. Colby Kalay Says:

    I agree with other posters, Susan Graver yacks too much. Is she on something? Her stuff isn’t any better quality than walmart or kohls or gordmans and it is way too expensive. I would rather shop at those stores or kmart where I can see them before I waste money on shipping. And all her stuff is around $40 and up average. Really? Who would spend that when you can go to town and get 3 or 4 items for that much? What I hate about all the clothes on there is the bottoms of the tops and tunics and sweaters has no shape to start with, it looks like someone has been pulling at the bottom and they hang in the back. Like a heavy person with something ill-fitting on. I personally do not buy any thing on there, I don’t trust what I will receive. They are always saying “get it home” like they are trying to make you have some empathy or compassion for the item, personalize the experience so to speak, like they are going to influence someone to buy an item so the shopper can get it personally in their hands. All the women that call in sound like they are little old ladies whom probably don’t have nothing better to do but sit at home and spend their social security check on stuff they don’t even need.

  23. Sandi Says:

    Please get some shorter heavier (like 12/16) models
    We know all those thin models can fit in
    4 thru 8 AND PLEASE TELL WHAT SIze and Weight they are
    For all clothing!!!!We are paying too much
    To return clothing..I do like Graver clothes,
    However price keeps going up. Keep them under
    $40 and you will end up selling more
    My last point all skinny models go up one size!!!!!!

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