Check Out HSN Rock God Jay King’s $99 Mesquite Coasters

Fans of HSN rock god Jay King, get out your credit cards.

King, of course, usually does jewelry for HSN. But he has ventured out of that realm at times — to do a turquoise bowl, or example.

Now, he get a set of four burl mesquite-wood-and-turquoise coasters, with a holder. They are gorgeous, but pricey.

The damage on your charge card will be $99, but they are available on three payments of $33.

Is it ridiculous to $25 a piece for a coaster? Of course.

But it is tempting. They are lovely.

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One Response to “Check Out HSN Rock God Jay King’s $99 Mesquite Coasters”

  1. Olivia Smith Says:

    That is way way too high for gem coasters at a couple of fair trade stores for much less than $99.00! I live in central NJ and can think of 3 shops between Princeton and New Brunswick!
    QVC (and the other channels to a degree); tend to inflate prices on things they classify as ARTISAN. Well artisan~yes, but they don’t know we as consumers are not stupid and can compare prices very easily.
    It’s that “you need this-you’ve got to get it from so and so because no one in the world will have this item!
    It’s their sales mentality that gets to us at 3am when one is up and in a tv stupor. Try to resist the mind blowing brainwashing from QVC (IMO; the worse offendor) and the other channels. I’m trying to order less and less. And the 1st to go was the Q!

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