Sink Or Swim, QVC Goes For Some Of The Action From The Titanic’s 100th Anniversary

First Jewelry Television did a line based on jewelry from passengers on The Titanic. Now QVC is getting into the act.

On April 6 at 8 p.m. QVC will premiere its Titanic Collection 100th Anniversary. The goodies include jewelry, tableware and fragrances “inspired by artifacts recovered from the RMS Titanic,” according to|Titanic&rewrite=no?term=REDIRECT-titanic

The stash includes a Titanic white topaz and diamond ring, for $170, “Titanic” movie posters, and a framed cover of The New York Times with the story about the shocking sinking of the ship. That sells for $165, and here’s what you get.

A piece of American history. This New York Times 1912 collection commemorates the sinking of the Titanic, one of the most studied disasters of the 20th century. With an official reproduction of The New York Times front page dated April 16, 1912 along with five genuine US 1912 coins, it’s a stunning display for your home office or family room. From UPM Global, LLC.

Includes an official New York Times reproduction, a 1912 Lincoln Wheat Ear penny, a 1912 Liberty Head nickel, a 1912 Silver Barber dime, a 1912 Silver Barber quarter, and a 1912 Silver Barber half dollar.

Of course, we were drawn to the vintage-looking white topaz ring, at $170 a pop.

Here’s the description:

This piece is based on a beautiful, handmade, platinum, 18K gold, and diamond ring that probably belonged to one of Titanic’s first-class passengers. During the formal dinners onboard, this ring would’ve sparkled and danced with an inner fire in response to the glow of electric lights. The gallery design gives it a three-dimensional depth as it highlights the Edwardian love of jewelry in its imitation of lace.

Bygone brilliance. Entrance admirers with the incomparable beauty of this highly polished sterling silver ring. A work of art, it boasts an antique-style openwork design that shimmers with round white diamonds in rhodium-plated, rope-design, bezel settings. Showcased at the center is a dazzling round, faceted white topaz gemstone within a rope-design bezel. From the Titanic Collection.

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3 Responses to “Sink Or Swim, QVC Goes For Some Of The Action From The Titanic’s 100th Anniversary”

  1. Ivy Says:

    Sounds like bad luck jewelry to me.

  2. Helene Handin Says:

    Over 1500 people lost their life on the sinking of the Titanic. What is there to celebrate? Next they’ll be selling rubbe er floating dolls from thr Japanese tsunami.

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