HSN’s Herkimer Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

We are such rock geeks, it’s pathetic.

We have been counting down the days until tonight at midnight, when HSN’s TS will be a Herkimer Diamond tennis bracelet from Debby Guyot.

HSN host Colleen Lopez, who is as big as a gem nut as we are, wrote a blog about Herkimer Diamonds when she got back from the Tucson gem show. But we’ve been aware of them since The New York Times did a a story about them and the place in New York State where folks like us can go to find them.


There’s a great jewelry shop, Academy, in Chester, N.J., that had a Herkimer Diamomd big necklace and matching bracelet we were checking out a month ago. The necklace alone was $1,500. We hope the TS is a little cheaper.

We suspect it is, since HSN already has a bunch of Herkimer Diamond pieces — the tennis bracelet, earrings, necklaces and pendants — on its website. They are in the $80 to $250 range.

Here is part of Colleen’s great blog about her Herkimer Diamonds find in Tucson.

This year, we actually found “Diamonds in the Rough” when we stopped by the Herkimer Diamonds booth at the show! We had a chance to visit with the owner of the Herkimer Diamond Mine, Dr. Renee Scialdo Shevat, and we were fascinated to learn all about these 500 million-year-old, natural beauties!

Herkimer Quartz crystals are double terminated stones. They have points on each end and are mined in Herkimer County, New York. They form in pockets of the Cambrian-age host rock, called Little Falls Dolosite, and were deposited over half a billion years ago!

They were first discovered by the Mohawk Indians and early American settlers, and have always been held in high esteem for their exceptional beauty and unique properties. Herkimer Quartz crystals are naturally formed in a diamond-shape and have eighteen natural facets. They come out of the stone pockets looking like cut diamonds, hence the name Herkimer diamonds!

Herkimer Quartz diamonds are said to have many metaphysical properties. In fact, some believe that these stones activate the “third eye” and enhance the dream state. Herkimer diamonds have been used for prayer and meditation for centuries. I have to admit – we were all mesmerized by these dreamy stones and loved hearing all the history and lore attached to them!

Anyway, we’ve already spotted Herkimer hoop earrings and a Herkimer trapeze necklace that we have to have.


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2 Responses to “HSN’s Herkimer Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend”

  1. Kimberly Thibodeaux Says:

    Deb’s Herkimer pieces are the BOMB! I already have several pieces from previous shows, as well as pre-ordered some from the upcoming show. They are ALL beautiful, well made and well priced! It should be a really fun show!

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    I may pre-order, too. I like the trapeze necklace.

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