Jewelry Designer Robert Lee Morris Slams QVC Online Forum As ‘Evil,’ Hints His Necklace Can Give You An Orgasm

Normally soulful, spiritual master jewelry designer Robert Lee Morris had a hissy fit yesterday. All this after hinting that his “watermelon seed” necklace could give you an orgasm.

Let us explain.

We were checking Facebook at halftime during the Super Bowl when we saw this shocking post by Morris, who was on QVC several times Sunday as part of its Sterling Designer Gallery event.

“Do not support the jewelry form (sic), as it only fosters bad vibes,” he wrote. Despite the typo, he was obviously referring to the jewelry forum.

He added later, “The voices on the qvc Jewelry forum are sheer hatred and evil.”

My friend Ann, Robert Lee Morris and moi

Morris’s readers were as mystified as we were at Morris lashing out.

“Please explain,” one asked.

Morris wrote, “SORRY I meant to say The QVC JEWELRY FORUM where after I do a wonderful two hour show with Shaun (sic), who was sick as could be with a stomach virus, there comes a mean force of FORUM posters on the QVC community site, who rip her and myself into nasty shreds…that hurts so much people! I do not know how else to respond to them…”

So we checked the jewelry forum. Those gals had raked Morris over the coals for a multitude of supposed sins during his appearance with QVC host Shawn Killnger.

Viewers who posted on the forum were shocked, claiming they saw Killinger kiss Morris’s index finger at one point. And apparently, he snapped at her during their show. We’re not sure if that was over the finger kiss or not.

But all that that wasn’t the best.The best was when Morris claimed one of his necklaces had orgasmic powers, as referenced by this QVC viewer.

“Well she (Killinger) must have excited him because I was flipping through and landed on the presentation of the watermelon seed necklace and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!!,” one woman posted on the QVC jewelry forum. “Wearing that necklace can bring about the big O? Oh my gosh, he’s so flippin’ weird!!!”

The next post cracked us up: “I’ll take 10 of those darn necklaces, make that ‘over-night’ shipping!”

It reminded us of Rob Reiner’s mom’s reaction (“I’ll have what she’s having.”) to Meg Ryan’s orgasm imitation in “When Harry Met Sally.”

Anyway, we found it hard to believe that Morris had linked his necklace to an orgasm, so we watched the clip on ourselves. Lo and behold, these ladies weren’t exaggerating. Talking about libido and how jewelry caresses your body, Morris really got rolling about that watermelon seed necklace.

“I almost have to say that it can be kind of be X-rated or R-rated, this piece, because when you pick it up and put it on you experience a physical, sexual moment that you really don’t want to talk about,” Morris told Killinger.


Here is the link to the clip:

Robert Lee Morris in a calmer mood

The QVC jewelry forum also took Morris to task for his Andy Warhol line, which they didn’t like, and the fact that many of the RLM pieces now are made of brass, not just silver. That’s one of my beefs with QVC and HSN: They are making designers use copper, brass and bronze because the price of silver has soared. The criticism of Morris and Killinger, our least favorite QVC host, was harsh.

Here is a sampling of what was posted on

“used to look forward to seeing Robert Lee Morris shows, but lately he does so many pieces in brass that I no longer am interested. The show tonight is mostly clearance, and lots of brass. Too bad – another designer that has gone downhill on QVC.”

“He sold his company (to Miriam Haskell). Maybe he’s beginning to make the transition toward retirement.”

“I have seen him do this before with other hosts, especially when they refer to him as a jeweler. He likes to be called an artist and this comment always seems to get on his last nerve. He’s a bit too full of himself and I don’t think he is as serene as he tries to portray. Short fuse comes to mind.”

“Btw, I thought Shawn did a fantastic job, and I do think she felt bad after he came off on her. Her body language said it all, she crossed her arms in front of her on the table after that incident. Shame on you Robert.’

“Shawn was the one that was hard for me to watch. He must have thought a girl from outer space flew in to host the show. He is a artist and she is goofy. Who cares, got my earrings for my teenager who loves AW. Score for me. Now on to the superbowl”

“A lot of these designers are total wack-o’s barbara bixy is one too. even though some of her stuff is nice.”

“i also find him annoying and vapid. what a gasbag.”

“I missed any sort of drama between RLM and the eversoditzy Miss Shawn. I kind of got confused after he explained how to cure all your ailments by drinking a glass of water after putting a perfect pyramid over it. That was followed by his description of the apparently orgasmic qualities of his watermelon seed necklace. Or, at least I think that is what he was alluding to. I think they both had too much cold medicine today.”

Needless to say Morris, who we and our friend Ann met 1 1/2 years ago at QVC, was not a happy camper. But his Facebook friends rallied to his defense.

They posted:

“There are few forums now a days that are positive and worth-while. People harbor so much negativity against others’ comments and opinions or just plain don’t know how to be nice. There are very few forums I still participate in.

“Just read some of the comments too, and I agree was totally shocked.”

“There are few forums now a days that are positive and worth-while. People harbor so much negativity against others’ comments and opinions or just plain don’t know how to be nice. There are very few forums I still participate in.
Just read some of the comments too, and I agree was totally shocked.”

Morris finally cooled down, defended himself and kind of dissd QVC.

“Thanks to all who support me,” he posted on Facebook. “It is QVC who insists on my using brass to such an extent in a silver designer show, in order to stay bold and signature without the skyrocketing costs of silver. The other designers are mostly manufactured by QVC directly so the profit margins are much higher for them…i am between a rock and a hard place.”

He went on to say that he loves his QVC customers.

“They are so supportive and highly conscious,” Morris posted. “It is a blessing for me that I am on QVC with such a highly conscious following of customers who really understand the heart and soul of RLM”.

Well, we guess we’re not highly conscious. We weren’t shocked, we had a good laugh at some of the comments on the QVC forum. Morris is a sensitive Cancer: He took this all to heart.

And we put in our order for that watermelon necklace.


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16 Responses to “Jewelry Designer Robert Lee Morris Slams QVC Online Forum As ‘Evil,’ Hints His Necklace Can Give You An Orgasm”

  1. Joanie-B Says:

    RLM’s comment about the other designers being manufactured DIRECTLY BY QVC is intriguing, to say the least. That is likely a secret that QVC did not want RLM to let slip. So, they control Ripka, Dawkins, and others more than we knew. Anyone with Diamonique in their items is controlled, for sure. One thing I can give RLM kudos for is NOT giving in to Diamonique-laden items, like so many of the others.

  2. Mary L Says:

    There is also a lot of trash talking going on about Judith Ripka on those boards. I wonder how she handles it? Women generally have no mercy.

  3. Joanie-B Says:

    I take back what I said about Michael Dawkins using Diamonique. He has not yet given in to the pressure. Ripka, Tacori, Hidalgo, Esposito, Hardy, and many others, but not yet for Dawkins or RLM.

  4. Wayne Says:

    Calling the QVC forum evil because some criticized his jewelry is just extreme whining at its lowest from RLM. The only one putting out the bad vibes is him & if he can’t stand the heat, get out of the business immediately.

  5. Karen Says:

    The “artist” needs to get over himself and read a newspaper or watch the news. Then he’ll see examples of hatred and evil in the world. It’ll help him put things in perspective. To blow his stack over an online forum truly is “extreme whining at its lowest” and he should be ashamed of himself.

  6. Peaches B. Says:

    RLM is a weirdo..plain and simple. To call him an artist is laughable!! Shawn is doing what she is hired to do sell, sell sell and by the way as they all say she does a great job of it. He has stayed way past his welcome at QVC as far as I am concerned. His jewels are just not up to par and similar stuff can be found every where!! Using sexual terms shows desperation…..either in his own sexuality or in trying to hawk his tacky crap!

  7. Kate Says:

    Thank you for the wrap up. I can’t understand why any vendor or host would ever go the QVC forum which has become an axis of evil these days. What I found most interesting is the acknowlegment by RLM that it is QVC who demands the use of lesser materials and the fact that his stuff is not a ‘house brand’ like others. There has been much speculation about RLM since the sale of his company and recent surgeries to his hands. I hope he is well and I look forward to buying many more pieces of his work. Great job Linda.

  8. fashion jewelry Says:

    Your post is really great. I liked it very much

  9. Barb Says:

    It shocks me to see the prices of Judith Ripka’s jewelry….for pete sake, it’s diamonique..not diamonds from Beverly Hills… these hard times how can she have prices like she does???

    I have real gemstone jewelry..some of which were less expensive than what she offers in Diamonique…a cuff bracelet over $200.00..geez, I have a peridot bracelet from QVC that was less…all these people who put their names on jewelry or clothes just turns me off…especially when you could most probably save a few dollars for the same item without A NAME,.

  10. Rosaline Says:

    Quite frankly, I happen to love RLM’s Andy Warhol jewelry line. I think it is creative, simple and unique and I’ve gotten lots and lots of compliments wearing the pieces I’ve purchased.

    • Mary S Says:

      i was not a huge fan of his andy warhol line, but i really loved his classic silver pieces and different stones. he does such beautiful work. i have heard he is bringing a new line to qvc…. costume jewelry perhaps?

  11. homeshoppingista Says:

    That’s new to me. I’ll have to find out more.

  12. Maxine Nelson Says:

    I think he has very beautiful jewelry, I have brought about 5 pieces from qvc and now that I know he is at two major department stores, I have been buying as many pieces as I can.

  13. denise Says:

    Used to be a big fan of RLM’s. So glad I bought a lot of pieces when silver was affordable. One of the cuffs I have of his weighs almost six ounces. I also have two of his gold pieces, for sure affording or even seeing RLM in gold is not likely. I think he sold out by doing that costume line he has in Dillard’s and Macy’s, I mean he’s an artist, right? If you go to Santa Fe, you can get some heavy silver pieces in some of the high end galleries, for several thousand. I do
    Think his ego exceeds what he’s produced over the last few years.

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