‘The Lisa Robertson Show’: You Get To Ask Lisa One Question That She Has To Answer

We caught the first “episode” of “The Lisa Robertson Show” Friday night, and it was a pretty good effort.

Lisa has her own new set, which almost looked like a living room, and she looked great with a leopard print skirt and great black boots.

Designer Mark Zunino, a protege of longtime QVC vendor and Hollywood designer Nolan Miller, introduced his new line for QVC on the show.

Our favorite guest, however, was fellow Montclair resident and talk show host Wendy Williams, who sat on a couch by Lisa and explained the inspiration for her new QVC accessories line, which is called Adorn. Lisa was on Williams’ show earlier in the week.

Wendy was cool, and had a cute conversation with Lisa, who seems addicted to hair extensions, about wigs.

A stand in for Dr. Perricone, the nationally known skin doctor, was in the house, as well, touting his latest product, or “Fountain of Youth,” as she called it. Really? Does the FDA Know about that?

All the whole shopping networks are trying to make their segments jazzier than an infomercial, in an attempt to draw in new viewers who could become new home shopping customers.

Lisa looked natural in the role of TV show host.

The one thing that did annoy us (there’s always somethin’) was Amy Stran’s presence. She was trying to do the social media thang during the show, answer questions from Facebook and Twitter, and it ground the show to a halt.

There was one interesting bit that the show will be doing: Viewers each week be able to ask Lisa one question that she MUST answer.

Now that’s an intriguing concept.

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6 Responses to “‘The Lisa Robertson Show’: You Get To Ask Lisa One Question That She Has To Answer”

  1. Kurt Hoffman Says:

    I, too, thought Lisa did really well in communicating with the guests/product spokespeople. My first response at the get-go was: Lisa’s makeup was harder edged, not soft and natural, as she most often wears it. Second, Amy Stran’s presence was a jarring break in an otherwise smooth show. What made it irritating for me was her microphone levels seemed hotter, louder, than Lisa’s or any of the guests. I am not a Wendy Williams fan, but she toned down as a guest, and Lisa held her own admirably. Mr. Zunino came off as a little nervous, but his products look very clever, not cheap. The Gili line, at the end of the show, felt like throw aways, done to fill the hour. They were great, and deserve more time! Lastly, I applaud Lisa’s on-air presence, her wisdom in giving full disclosure for the line: she doesn’t have the hubris of some shopping show hosts. She doesn’t claim her own creativity for the clothing line. She states she liked something, and copied it. I wish her well in this endeavor!

  2. Pete Says:

    Wonder how long QVC is going to keep this waste of company time & resources?? Another show for LR??? What does that make, 5 shows with her name on them and NONE lasted more than aq year??? Have they not learned yet that LISA ROBERTSON, “WAS”!, good for them prior to 2003 and has since declined in appeal and fashion sense. Let the “20th Century” go its a new Millenium time to find some new exciting and entertaining personality, there MUST BE ANOTHER BEAUTY/PROM QUEEN out there SOMEWHERE who is younger, more controversial and a “TRUE SOUTHERN BELLE”!! Not some YANKEE TRANSPLANT WHO “LIVED” in Tennessee for 5 -7 years(18-29). Lisa Robertson would be better off in the clasification she “IS”: YOO YOO CALIFORNIA GIRL!! LOL
    Anne Hathaway would be an interesting Host?? Better yet Miss. “LINDSEY LOHAN” could use some full time employment??? QVCs ratings would go into “Trans Warp” if they hired her!!

    Enjoy & HAVE FUN!!

  3. Gallant Says:

    Will people ever learn what you see on TV is “FANTASY”! Especially when it comes to QVCs Lisa Robertson. Yeah if you meet her on the streeet you will get the usual “celebrity” phony attitude, smile and protocal but reality is totaly different.
    Think about it she 46 years old and never had a serious relationship??? Just Stalkers??? Whats up with that??? Make you question what you watch/hear about Lisa R. and what she realy is??
    I do not know about you, but How is LR still single “IF” she is what we read, hear about and see on TV, this NICE GIRL????? And do NOT state that “why she needs to have somone in her life” BS, If LR is what people say why is it she’s ALONE??!! .

  4. jancee Says:

    She is alone because it takes lots and lots of time for her to achieve herself each and every day. She admits she has NO PETS, NO PLANTS & lives alone. I think that she really likes to be alone. Picture her day, gets home from a long day at work, does her facial exercises. Cleanses her face and neck. more beauty treatments. wrinkle electroblaster. serum, moisturizer, night cream. she may even exercise BEFORE all that…she may look thru her mail, her clothes, shoes, jewelry and makeup. soon she falls off to sleep in her kingsize bed. Up early, hits the shower, facial routine, makeup, hair and more makeup. Donns her clothes selection from the night before. Gets to work ontime! There is no time you see, for anyone or anything else. She seems to be alot like my sister. No time for anyone but themselves and their career and their things. Lisa has said during her hosting that she does this for her face and does that. and then her hair, and I see she has been using hair extensions. They take alot of time also, as well as expertise. All these girly things take up so much of her time that it is no secret that she is alone because if someone did move in to be with her, that person would be extremely neglected, like ignored.

  5. pendragon Says:

    Lisa has had more Stalkers than Pam Anderson, Jen Anniston and Angilie Jolie COMBINED?
    QVC Corp has since Pete Ferriera had the last 3+ sealed and no press to save Lisa’s image.
    Rumor has it Pete is back in QVC’s RADAR! How ever same person tells me PETE is not Backing down this time? My source stated Pete said to them :
    Lisa Lannnel has a choice to make, continue with the LIE or Be honest and tell the truth about them! He said their relationship goes back 30 years when he was in the Air Force and she was 16 yr old!
    Wonder if all those messages he posted in TV Talk Shows is true?
    I do know of one post he posted : Lisa is not what everyone sees on TV because when the truth of 2004 is known you will think differently about her. Abandoning him for Money, her house and things.I have noticed one thing Lisa does not say she goes home but calls it the house??
    Oh also people talked about Lisa getting married? They almost did in April, Pete and Lisa?? SAY WHAT!! also Pete’s facebook page is deactivated??? LISA?? What is going on????

  6. furney Says:

    Wow! Why
    such critisism and enemies Lisa? Maybe it’s because you are so foney!!!!

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