QVC’s Isaac Mizrahi Is Married, Rick and Shawn’s ‘Anything Goes’ Our Eye, And Lisa Robertson’s New ‘Show’

Sorry we haven’t been blogging as much as we should be. The day job is often a day job and night job. So we’ll try to catch-up here.

QVC designer Isaac Mizrahi, 50, and his boyfriend Arnold Germer have gotten hitched, officially. During an appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show,” Mizrahi said he and Germer had gotten married.

The new thing out in West Chester, is having “shows,” not generic segments. So we recently had “Anything Goes With Rick & Shawn,” namely host Rick Domeier and Shawn Killinger. And in February, we can look forward to “The Lisa Robertson Show.”

Lisa Robertson is getting her own show

We didn’t see “Anything Goes,” but looking at the product lineup, not much went.

Here’s the spicy linuep of goods that Rick and Shawn were selling: a battery-operated callus remover; a Rowenta steam iron; Billy Blanks Ultimate Workout DVD; microfiber dusters; a storage set; a hair flat iron; a ceramic fireplace heater; and an air purifier.

Whoppee! Wow, anything goes, ha? A callus remover and a Rowenta? Rick and Shawn must have been having a wild old time. We’re sorry we missed those microfiber dusters.

We can only hope that Robertson’s “show” is better. Here is what she has said on Facebook about it.

Guess what?! This February, a brand-new show is coming to QVC…”The Lisa Robertson Show”! I’m really excited about it. But it’s not just because I’ll be your humble host. Every Friday night, we’re going to give you your own personal magazine/ trunk show/ private party, (all good things 🙂 We’re bringing you amazing ideas and we’ll show you how to make them your own. We’re sitting down with your favorite designers and introducing you to some up-and-coming trendsetters. More details to come in the coming weeks.

Robertson, by the way, is on a two-week vacation to India and Dubai.

Finally, who in their right mind would buy a diet or nutrition product from Kirstie Alley, whose weight has fluctuated in 100-pound swings. Yet QVC is hawking her diet program.

“I can assure you that if you follow this program, you’ll get healthier, lose weight, and not be ‘annoyingly’ hungry,” Alley said on QVC’s website.

Jump-start your weight loss with this fun and engaging program: Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liaison. A 30-day supply of the healthy elixir and supplement duo provides the support your body needs, morning and night. The Body Game book guides you through the goals, barriers, rules, and rewards you may encounter as you strive to achieve your goals. From Organic Liaison.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


Two 16 fl oz bottles of Rescue Me liquid elixir with hand pump

One 4.8 oz bottle of Release Me powder supplement

1-year program membership

88-page Body Game book

We have to take a pass on that one.

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26 Responses to “QVC’s Isaac Mizrahi Is Married, Rick and Shawn’s ‘Anything Goes’ Our Eye, And Lisa Robertson’s New ‘Show’”

  1. Wayne Says:

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that Mizrahi is gay, it seems most male fashion designers are & he’s more of a diva than the QVC ladies. I think Domeier believes he’s God’s gift to women, he’s an average host & hopefully he’ll be gone from the channel before too long. I dig Lisa from head to toe because she’s got the beauty, the body & the brains that knock me out. I think her new show will be great, I know I’m bias all the way, but she gives the Q the kick it needs with her attitude. The Lisa Robertson Show could become a syndicated talk show when she decides to leave the shopping channel 7 she could be bigger than the overrated Oprah. Do I think most of the hosts on QVC/HSN get along with each other in their personal lives? No.

  2. KayceeFisher Says:

    LMAO @ Wayne’s comment about it not surprising him that Isaac Mizrahi was gay. It was common knowledge. And the Q couldn’t pay me to watch Rick and Shawn host anything together. They are both annoying separately, I can’t even imagine what it would be like with them both together. Gad. I do agree that Lisa brings some semblance of class to the Q. I might give her show a look, but I usually don’t watch tv on Friday night.

    • Wayne Says:

      I’m not that surprised that Isaac Mizrahi is gay, he’s an asshole as well & hopefully his days are numbered on the Q before long. Shawn is a very attractive lady, a great host, eye candy for guys. Slick Rick is just too damn lame as a host along with being a third rate sex symbol for the ladies. Lisa is the best of the best on QVC, she’s what it’s all about for me, her beauty, her body & her brains, you got that right. Who cares what the hell you do on Friday night.

  3. carolyn simpson Says:

    looking forward to lisa robertsons show. would love to see her WITHOUT makeup.does she have a real upper lip?

  4. L Lee Says:

    Why do you allow Wayne to keep posting his nonsense here?

  5. Ann Says:

    how did qvc pat james-dementri lose weight recently?

    • Gracie Says:

      She’s lost weight? I can’t tell. I like her just fine but Honestly I thought she’d gained but I shouldn’t talk. Also Rick does just fine. Lets not be jealous!

  6. Peaches B. Says:

    Hellooooooooooo speaking of sounding gay!! All the hosts on QVC have their own unique personalities and that is what makes them more successful than other shop channels. Rick has been with them a long time and not going anywhere. Shawn also does a great job and just is who she is…mainly not a clone of Lisa. Lisa is their top sales gal and knows how to ring the chimes to get you to buy. You are free to watch or not.

  7. Laura Autry Says:

    I turn to HSN or anywhere else when I see Shawn. I find her abnoxious and extremely rude, and she act like she knows more about the designers clothes than the designers. I have seen her argue with the designers and tell them they are wrong about something related to one of their own designs. What a know it all.
    She interrupts and talks over some really good designers, so rather than throw up, I change channels. And I really enjoyed watching Issac, before she got involved. Thank heavens for the remote. For me, she is a real debbie downer!

    • Lily Says:

      That is exactly how I feel about Shawn. Will not watching no matter what she is pushing. She has to be the enter of every show and needs to do something about that two tone hair! Can not stand her!!

  8. Doris Apoldite Says:

    I am not into judging and accessing other human beings. we are all a bunch of boozoo’s riding this bus called earth. everyone is unique and special in their own way.that’s why fruit comes in an array of colors. it isn’t easy standing on your legs all day long and have to talk constantly about an item. i sure wouldn’t want to do it and i find it a blessing that they do. i can sit back and relax and watch all the items, clothing i can see what it looks like on all shapes and sizes, buy what i want, have it delivered to my door and be entertained at the same time by many, many personalities. i am sure if we could all look at ourselves on tv, we would be quite surprised at how we act and look. it probably wouldn’t be anything we think we are in our heads. on that note, just remember; it is never what someone does or how someone acts that ticks you off, it is what you make it mean. just stinkin’ thinkin’. by the way, i think your negativity is the debbie downer. now go have a nice day. you deserve it……………..

    • Barbara Says:

      Nice try. How about just having Shawn speak the truth instead of making shit up all the time? If you lie to me, I am going to judge you. I have every right to. You are a liar, plain and simple and I am going to call you on it. Sorry. Deal with it.

  9. Dawn Vivado Says:

    I also hate to be negative but Rick Domier is loud and obnoxious. He also talks over the guests. It embarasses me just to watch him…Lisa seems like a really nice person, she sells her products well but its hard to believe she was born in 1965..I would have assumed she was in her early 50’s. Good for Isaac…the man is pure genius and a great designer. Who gives a crap if he is gay or not? He’s still a great designer and a great guy. I love Antoinette.
    She has a great personality and I could listen to her all night. Shawn is a great personality, but talks way too much and too fast. Hard to keep up with her and Isaac. Although he seems to have a little “crush” on her. LOL

  10. Dawn Says:

    why is it printed as 3:58 an? it is only 12:03am…where are the extra 3 hours going and why?

  11. Bill Manseau Says:

    The person above who said Lisa Robertson looked like in her 50’s-take a look again, that is kind of insulting-she looks like she is in her thirties at most, and by the way-Lisa Robertson is eye candy!!

  12. Nancy Says:

    Shawn must be gay too..who knows..can’t stand her..she’s sickening..hate that isaac guy too….why does QVC even have her on the show? so slangy and wears all her skin tight pants up to her crotch…..really not pretty…

  13. marge Says:

    Glad to see there are other that find Shawn really annoying! Hard to explain why…… just kind of obnoxious. I love Lisa Robertson, she’s my favorite, she’s beautiful and real and hysterical.

  14. kim Says:

    How come when you subscribe to the inside Q magazine it doesn’t tell you on the back when your subscription is up? And they never notify you when to renew?

  15. SheBuysStuff Says:

    People, it is marketing. 1. Hosts have to get a certain amount of information in or no one makes any money. 2.The designers know this. They are not offended.3. If the hosts are not exuberant the product does NOT sell. 4. If you are paying more attention to the what the host does or does not do, you are NOT interested in buying. 5. What are you there for then, entertainment? QVC is not an E channel, go elsewhere to be entertained.6. 99% of us dont care who is selling, we are interested in the PRODUCT.

  16. Bernie Says:

    I get tired of Lisa wearing the same looking ugly pants on Monday evenings, and is always looking at herself… She looks is in love with herself….

  17. jackie Says:

    I may not be interested in the products offered, but i never miss Shawn’s shows. She is so much fun to watch.

  18. Christine Beilharz Says:

    Personally I feel the show is a delight! If we had to do what they do and have the responsibility of presenting merchandise, we might have the surprise of our lives. I will admit I get tired of “wear this to a cocktail party, church, tea, etc. etc. Sure it sells, but I would just once like them to say wear this to the neighbor you don’t care for, and see the response…just a laugh. God’s blessings to all.

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