‘Housewives Of New York’ Alum Jill Zarin To Debut Skweez Couture Line On HSN

“Housewife” Jill Zarin will be returning to TV next month. But she won’t be on Bravo. HSN has got her.

On Feb. 10 Zarin will premiere her collection of Skweez Couture shapewear. Zarin, “who joined forces with Triad Hosiery to design and develop Skweez Couture for HSN, will introduce her line during the Insider NYC event, where customers will get an insider’s tour of the Big Apple,” the home shopping channel crowed in a press release Tuesday.

The exclusive collection of shapewear combines feminine and fashionable designs with powerful innovative control technologies to help slim and smooth the contours of a woman’s body. We could use that!

The line apparently went on sale in retail stores in September.

Zarin fans have been raving about the line, claiming that the product “Skweezes and shapes” like nothing they’ve ever worn before with several styles include beautiful trimmings and are designed so that you don’t have to only wear it underneath your clothing anymore.

Here’s the canned quote from Zarin:

“I’m so excited to debut my Skweez Couture shapewear for the first time on HSN. It has been my lifelong dream to do this and I always knew I was born to sell. Many of the new styles being sold during this event were designed exclusively for HSN, and it will be a great opportunity to reach women across the country to show them how they can Skweez and smooth it all while still feeling fabulous and feminine at the same time.”

Here is more from the press release, bla-bla-bla.

Through collaborative research and development, Zarin and Triad have produced a line with the goal in mind to benefit women of all ages, fusing shapes and colors to ensure that the collection included different styles from the current market assortment. Skweez Couture is also made of innovative, breathable fabrics that adapt to any body shape. The products are made to accentuate what the real woman wants to play up, yet helps to conceal areas that are often problem prone.

“The Skweez Couture Collection is a beautiful assortment of quality garments that are fashionable and solution driven. This is shape wear that you want people to see,” said John Bosco, HSN Senior Vice President of Apparel, Accessories and Jewelry. “Jill’s collection is real, she personally wears it and you can see how passionate she is about it. She is a great storyteller and a female entrepreneur…two qualities HSN strongly supports. I know our customers will connect with her.”

The Skweez Couture collection for HSN offers a wide range of styles and comes in sizes Small to 2XL. The shapewear is available in three strengths — tight, tighter and tightest to provide ultimate shaping and smoothing of the targeted zones. Prices range from $20 to $75 with consistent quality throughout.

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One Response to “‘Housewives Of New York’ Alum Jill Zarin To Debut Skweez Couture Line On HSN”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Great. More underwear-as-outerwear. Maybe instead of Skweez, they should call it Sleeze?

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