Quacker Factory Queen Jeanne Bice’s Son Tim Thanks All Her Fans For Their Condolences

One of our great readers, Cindy, told us that deceased Quacker Factory Queen Jeanne Bice’s son Tim had written a nice note on the company website.

In a tragedy that shocked all her fans, and us, larger-than-life Jeanne, 71, died of cancer June 10. And then in an incomprehensible second tragedy, on July 1 her daughter Lee, 47, died.

The message from Jeanne's son Tim

Quacker Factory is still continuing, with the plus-sized model Angel becoming the public face of the sparkly clothing line on QVC. But is a principal in the company, and in his recent post he thanked Jeanne’s fans and said he was putting her Boca Raton home on the market.

“Thought you might be interested in seeing a note from Tim Bice on the Quaker Factory website,” Cindy wrote. “I miss Jeanne and Lee so much, we all know it won’t quite be the same without them, but I know they would like us to continue quacking along and supporting their goals, ideals and clothing. Tim posted a beautiful link to Jeanne’s home. It is so stunning, I can just picture her at home, it is so warm and welcoming…just like Jeanne. Here is the link, it certainly helped me with closure. Thank you, Tim, for thinking of her many fans. We all send our love.”

Here is the link to Tim’s letter:


In it, Tim writes, “I am very greatful to every one for the outpouring of support these past several months. Needless to say, it has been a very difficult time for me.”

The late, and great, Jeanne Bice

But he added that he is busy pulling himself up by the “brastraps,” and looks forward to “getting back to the Q” and doing Quacker Factory shows.

It must be devastating to go through the holidays without your mom and sister. We wish Tim all the best, and look forward to seeing him on QVC.

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One Response to “Quacker Factory Queen Jeanne Bice’s Son Tim Thanks All Her Fans For Their Condolences”

  1. June M. Says:

    Tim I recently purchased a willyraye piece that was advertised as having a personal note written by you mom on it. I bought 3 pieces just because I wanted as a long time Jeannie customer to have a special memory. I am disappointed there was nothing written on the piece in question, and the fact it cause the price to well above what it would have been. Do I want to return it, no, am I disappointed yes, and wanted to let you know, perhaps you were mislead also.
    Thank you for sharing your mom with us. I will treasure my 3 pieces of willyraye for years to come. June Michelini

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