Former QVC Host Kathy Levine’s Much-Mentioned Mom Passed Away

Anyone who remembers former QVC host Kathy Levine will recall that the chatty host often mentioned her mother. Levine would talk about how her mom was a great beauty, and sometimes show photos of her. She was a gorgeous woman.

So we were sad to read on Facebook today that Levine’s mother, Pat Seinfeld, passed away Wednesday. Mom was born on Aug. 27, 1921, so she had a long life.

Levine wrote a wonderful tribute to her mother on Facebook. Here is part of it.

My Mom worked for a popular department store, H. Leh and Co. She was a fashion coordinator and went out with her models to every organization you can name for 20 years and did fashion shows while the ladies lunched. She was the first woman to use a plus size model and a senior model. She had her finger on the real pulse of America long before America had a pulse.

She also taught a charm school to adolescent teen girls. To this day I am approached by women telling me my Mom gave them the only sense of self esteem they ever had. She touched so many with her light.

As an added perk to her job, I received clothes galore. As I never could hold my weight, and my size fluctuated like the stock market, she kept me looking my best no matter what. She never berated me for my problem. She loved me fat, thin, through the ugly stages and the pretty ones. She was in my corner every day of my life and thought the sun rose and set on all of her children.

Don’t misunderstand. If I was bad in school, misbehaved, sassed a teacher, got caught throwing spitballs or started a food fight, I caught hell. She never expected the school to do her job of manners and discipline, and she allowed that I was guilty instead of making the teachers wrong. Her common saying to me was “I love you, but today I do not like you”! It wasn’t damaging but it was a simple truth we could both live with.

If I have one message to mothers, it’s that your imprint on your children is indelible, and kindness reaches deeper and longer into your kid’s self esteem than you’ll ever live to know.

Here is the link to the full post:

And here is another excerpt:

On the first day of Winter, my Mom closed her eyes peacefully for the last time. We were all with her and we thanked her for being her. She will be sorely missed and my heart aches, but she had a fabulous life, a huge far reaching impact, and I will continue to strive to make her proud. There is no filling her sparkly gifted shoes, but I am so happy to have walked along side her for my 60 years. In her own words, “the show must go on”.

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9 Responses to “Former QVC Host Kathy Levine’s Much-Mentioned Mom Passed Away”

  1. Wayne Says:

    I remember seeing Kathy’s mom on QVC a few times & I’m sorry to hear about it. I have to honestly say that Kathy Levine did have & probably still does have GREAT legs.

  2. Janet Vernell Says:

    It is very sad and no matter what the age it is never long enough. I miss mine too and it is just over a year. I am sorry for you Kathy but she will rest in peace.

  3. Beth Says:

    I am very sad to hear this and remember Kathy’s Mom on QVC as well. Thought the two of them added such elegance to the shopping channel, something sadly missing from today’s show hosts. How lucky you were to have had her close to you all these years. My dear Mother passed way too soon and it’s been 15 years already and my heart misses her every day still. We wish you peace and your dear Mother is right…. the show must go on….

  4. Linda Says:

    Something as sad as her mom passing away and PERV Wayne has to mention legs. CREEP

  5. JERE Says:


  6. Kathy Haggard Says:

    Dear Kathy, I just found out today that your beloved mom had passed away more than two years ago. I am very sorry. I know that you will miss her everyday of the rest of your life. You were absolutely The Best host of all the shopping channels – ever! I often think about you, hoping that your life is a blessed one. Kathy.

  7. arlene Says:

    So sorry for your loss. Remember we never lose those we give to God.

  8. Sue Cummings Says:

    Dear Kathy, It is with great regret that I am just reading of your mom’s passing. You and your mom had a wonderful bond that radiated over the tv when she visited you on QVC. Those wonderful memories will lift you and put a smile on your beautiful face when you think of her. My mom (who passed 5 years ago) loved watching you! So did I and I miss seeing you on the screen. Just know that time does ease the grief and in turn makes your memories sweeter. Wishing you all the best, Sue

  9. Owen Basara Says:


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