Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason Gets Apparent Threat, FBI Brought In

What the heck is going on with former QVC host Lisa Mason?

On Facebook Tuesday she posted this cryptic, and disturbing, message:

Dear Friends, last evening I was made aware of a security issue that potentially threatens my safety. Thank you for all of you who rsvp-ed for the seminar. For now, we must postpone. God Bless you. Merry Christmas!

Ex-QVC host Lisa Mason was apparently threatened

Mason had a seminar that she was holding, “The Journey to Inner Peac,e” in New York City set for Jan. 12. We guess that is what she cancelled.

She then followed up with this Facebook post:

The situation is now in the capable hands of state officials and the FBI. Thank you for your well wishes. As soon as possible, the seminars will be rescheduled. God Bless.

If anyone gets a clue about what all that was about, please let us know.

Other than that mess, it looks like Mason is keeping busy since her departure from QVC.

Dearest Friends, last week I emceed the “World Vision Global Aids Day Conference” in New York City. Held at the Metropolitan Club on 5th Avenue, we had standing room only!! What a day!

I was surrounded by the people who are working constantly to bring to an end this horrible disease. I was humbled to spend time with Dr. Trent, who Oprah has touted as “her favorite guest of all time”. I presented her with an award, honoring her incredible work.

I also spent time with supermodel Kim Alexis and heard of all her hard work and efforts in this fight. I mingled and spoke with the people who… with no recognition at all… raise money, travel to Africa, tirelessly give of themselves, all with the singular objective of helping others.

I believe this event has allowed me to see what Christmas is REALLY about. Amidst the opulence and glitz of Manhattan, our thoughts were solely on helping others. I have never been happier…or more fulfilled. God Bless You!


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7 Responses to “Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason Gets Apparent Threat, FBI Brought In”

  1. Wayne Says:

    NYC has MORE nuts than it does sane people on a daily basis, which might sound exaggerated, but I think it’s the truth. Politicians, Occupiers, celebrities, journalists & crazy MSNBC hosts make New York the insane asylum of America. I don’t know why anybody would want to hurt Lisa since she’s a very attractive lady along with not being too political despite QVC fame. I’m TIRED of hearing about aids constantly from the media because it’s not the only one & there also needs to be a cure for MS since somebody I know has it.

  2. Linda Says:

    Enough with the GOD BLESS Lisa. Wayne you are in need of serious help WTF does MSNBC have to do with anything, you right wing moron.

    • Wayne Says:

      ROFL. I think Lisa Robertson is one of the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful women on the planet, along with being the best host on any shopping channel & my ideal woman from head to toe. I’m not a right wing moron, I don’t belong to any political party & I believe you’re a left wing anti-American liberal Democrat because you’re so UPTIGHT. If MSNBC doesn’t have any crazies from Matthews to Maddow then you must be brainwashed Linda as well as your anti-freedom friends.

  3. KayceeFisher Says:

    The original post is/was about Lisa MASON not Lisa ROBERTSON. Reading comprehension can be your friend Wayne.

  4. carol gregg Says:

    lisa mason is a beautiful clasy lady, lisa robertson is not. she is constantly talking and only knows one word, she must say amazing 100 times a program and is always looking at herself in the monitor, get over yourself, come on the show without your hair pieces and no make up and see how good you look.

  5. Rita Furr Says:

    I saw Lisa Mason on QVC sometime this year…is she not going to
    be a pernament Host. I miss her so much.

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