Thanks, Big Spenders, For ‘Gifting’ Us With A $24,000 Tanzanite Stone From Jewelry Television

For those who have been wondering what to get The Homeshoppingista for Christmas, here it is: A $23,767 tanzanite stone.

We saw this 32-carat beauty last night at some ungodly hour on Jewelry Television. At first we thought we were seeing things when we got a gander at the price onscreen for this loose gemstone.

We guess it is part of the Hidden Tanzanite Reserve that JTV has been touting. But why would anyone buy a gem like this, for the price of a car, without seeing it in person? Better yet, who has $24,000 to buy a gem?

It is a rectangular cushion cut, and has the gorgeous deep blue-purplish color of high quality tanzanite, for sure. But $24,000?

This is one of the highest-priced items we have ever seen on a home shopping network. The only thing that may have rivaled it in the past were some of Sonia Bitton’s one-of-a-kind diamond rings on ShopNBC, when she was doing diamonds, not CZ, and Charla Rines was still a host.

There’s a lot going on down in Knoxville. The network will be “introducing a new garnet with a beautiful color shift–Masasi Bordeaux Garnet,” according to its Facebook page.

Apparently, it “color changes from a honeyish salmon color to a sparkling Bordeaux. And it’s called Masasi because it comes from the same region as our now legendary Masasi Blue Color Change Garnet.”

JTV recently posted that it was also shooting a new branding campaign, and the photo of the shoot had an African-American model in it. That’s the first person of color we’ve seen even vaguely associated with this almost-all-blonde network.


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3 Responses to “Thanks, Big Spenders, For ‘Gifting’ Us With A $24,000 Tanzanite Stone From Jewelry Television”

  1. Dorothy Says:

    JTV has had two black hosts on their network. The latest was British from HSN. I don’t know when she left or why but it seemed she had a good following.

  2. Giftbearer Says:

    Somebody must have bought it because when I went to the link I didn’t see it, but there were a few for around $2,000 – $4,000. Those higher-priced ones had fantastic color saturation!

    I love the Masasi blue color-change garnets and have several of those myself.

    It’s funny that you mentioned all the blonde staff on Jewelry Television. I’ve noticed that too. So many stones are mined in Africa they really aught to hire an African woman for their marketing, possibly even someone from the area where they are getting the stones.

  3. Linda Says:

    People really have to be careful when they purchase from JTV they already had one class action suit against them in regards in their selling of ” red labordorite ” which that was totally false what they really where selling was sunstone but here again made up stories and raised the prices/ next in line is their story of ” chrome diopsode ” becoming harder to get and that there is a shortage thus giving way for them to raise prices / next be very careful when purchasing diamonds, they are of poor quality, gray, and dingy looking. All in all be extremely satisfied with your.purchases, if not don’t be ashamed to send them back. I was a JTV customer for years until I discovered the there shopping networks and found that just in the quality of workmanship there was a huge difference. Shop around and compare,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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