Homeshoppingista Pet Peeve: Non-Reusable Jewelry Television Packaging

Are those folks in Knoxville nuts?

We’ve ordered several items from Jewelry Television now, and they don’t come in boxes or normal UPS-type envelopes like goodies from QVC, HSN or ShopNBC.

Instead, they come in this sticky packaging that you basically have to rip apart in order to get out your merchandise.

Yet JTV’s return instructions tell you to send the item back in its original packaging. What?

The packaging is lying at your feet ripped to pieces. How the heck are you supposed to return your stuff in that?

Does this frost anyone else but us?

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8 Responses to “Homeshoppingista Pet Peeve: Non-Reusable Jewelry Television Packaging”

  1. May Chu Harding Says:

    maybe it’s intentional?

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    I think you are right. It discourages people from returning items.

  3. nancyeht Says:

    A few years ago I ordered a $10 neckace from them. It was a very thin necklace with a small cz. Very lightweight. They sent it in a cheap, small bag, no box, and charged me $10 shipping. I have not shopped with them since. I would have returned it, but I wasn’t going to spend any more money for — what turned out to be a necklace that could have been from the dollar store. NEVER AGAIN.

  4. Wayne Says:

    I have to say my mother bought some shoes from QVC a few months ago & the packaging was great, as well as the shoes. I don’t know about JT’s packaging, but it sounds real cheap to me & they don’t care about their customers.

  5. Judy Tallman Says:

    I just had a jtv order that came in last week that I will be returning. They have to be kidding about using the original packaging. I had to slit the bag and then peel it back to get to the box. I will probably just not order from them again because of the packaging.

  6. J Burns Says:

    However, as someone who has had two pieces of jewelry taken from QVC’s bags (a slit was made in the back of the envelope), I have to appreciate that JTV’s packaging is much harder for that dishonest person to slit. And, to make matters worse, both stolen items were sold out and I never was able to get them again. I did get a refund which was wonderful.
    I was very careful regarding the opening of the JTV package and I could still tape it back up for a return.
    Just my opinion.

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