ShopNBC’s Program Schedule: All Invicta, All The Time

We know this will really shock you home-shopping geeks, but ShopNBC has an Invicta watch as its Today’s Top Value Monday — AGAIN!

This time, it is a Sea Spider Chronograph Lume Dial stainless steel watch for $100.

So it is time to play the Homeshoppingista holiday drinking game. Take a swig of alcohol on us.

In fact, from 8 p.m. Sunday to 11 p.m. Monday ShopNBC has 19 hours of Invicta Holiday Gift Celebration programming scheduled.

How many watches can you collect?


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4 Responses to “ShopNBC’s Program Schedule: All Invicta, All The Time”

  1. carolyn simpson Says:

    whats with so much Invicta? Jill summer what ever really gets on my nerves and why are they on a frickin boat?

    • LadyLuke Says:

      Really! I’m telling you it’s all a bunch of foolishness!! Apparently SNBC has concluded that thier viewing audience IS blind AND too dumb to connect the dots! or maybe they figure that by now we’re all in an INVICTA induced coma & once their hosts yollar thier tired sales script we’ll just unconsciously pickup the phone or go online & order those craptastic watches. *since they’ve given us a more scenic yacht view* SNBC the jig is up! There are no new viewers! Do you people really think that the same ol’ viewers are completely oblivious to the fact that these same watches were on with different model names & colors for similar price points for an entire 24 hours about week ago?? And the time before that.. and the time before that!? I can only tolerate the shows in few minute intervals just 4 snark value. And I’ve observed that shiester Eyal is apparently under the “faux” assumption that our brains are on snooze! He keeps insisting that these INVICTA watches rank comparable to high end swiss time pieces that cost in he 4-5 digit price point aka THOUsand dollar price point! *channelling the way all of the hosts on all of the shopping channels have begun emphasizing thou in thousand* Seriously Eyal!! WTHeck is in the kool-aid you’re sipping on?!?!?!?

  2. filmteacher Says:

    I like Invicta watches, but I really miss all of the “more impressive”
    brands that Shop NBC used to sell. Watch collectors like being given a variety of choices, not a variety in one brand. Some of the show hosts really fawn over each new Invicta model. I wish they would go back to swelling an assortment of major brands.

  3. Peaches B. Says:

    Costco sells Invicta

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