They’re Whooping It Up In Knoxville: Jewelry Television Hit 100,000 Facebook Fans

Jewelry Television probably broke out the moonshine this week, because it has racked up more than 100,000 fans on its official Facebook page.

“We are thrilled to reach this milestone as one of our social media initiatives,” Dana Sebby, JTV’s community manager, said in a canned statement. “By using popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and JTV’s mobile application, we have been able to personally interact with our customers to gain a better understanding of what they want. We are using this real-time dialogue and feedback to improve our broadcasts, service and product offerings.”

In addition to JTV’s official company fan page, each on-air host as a Facebook page dedicated to interacting with viewers about upcoming shows and promotions.

“It’s really important to develop a two-way conversation with our customers,” host Heidi Kouns said in a canned statement. “Social media tools are providing valuable interaction that helps us improve our presentations and drive tune-in for our shows.”

Which blonde host is she? They all look alike to us.

JTV needs a little flava in its host roster, if you know what we mean. Aren’t there any Hispanics or African-Americans in Tennessee?

“As social media technology continues to evolve, we are committed to growing and advancing with it,” Brian Wilhelm, JTV’s director of online marketing, said in his canned statement. “We look forward to integrating Facebook content into our live broadcasts.”


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6 Responses to “They’re Whooping It Up In Knoxville: Jewelry Television Hit 100,000 Facebook Fans”

  1. Linda Says:

    AH the hillbilly channel.

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    It sure is.

  3. Annie Says:

    How many “friends” do HSN, QVC and ShopNBC have in comparison? I’m not on Facebook, but I thought David (at Q) doesn’t even have 100,000.

    I can’t believe all those people want to get marketing messages from JTV. What the heck did they do to get so many followers?

  4. Wayne Says:

    I think it’s even lower than being called the hillbilly channel because Jethro Bodine wouldn’t even be on JT. The only shopping channel there really needs to be is QVC because they’re way above HSN & ShopNBC combined. I’m not on facebook, I don’t want to be on Facebook & it’s not that many fans anyway.

  5. African Live Television Says:

    As a person with a background in journalism, I find your blog right up my street, “Theyre Whooping It Up In Knoxville: Jewelry Television Hit …” I will keep checking for interesting additions to your blog,
    Thank you 🙂

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