Does New HSN Host Brett Chukerman Have A Checkered Past?

Chris Scanlon may be gone, but HSN has a replacement.

The newest addition to HSN’s host roster is Brett Chukerman.

One of our Facebook friends charged that Chukerman is an ex-gay porn star. We guess it is all in the eye of the beholder. The former actor was in a few racy movies, that’s true. According to his IMDB profile, he had roles in “Boys To Men,” “Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds,” “Evil Bong II: King Bong” and “The Curiosity of Chance.”

Here’s a description of “Eating Out 2” from IMDB: “After Marc dumps him, Kyle unites with Gwen and Tiffani to land sexually confused art model Troy by pretending to be straight. However, Marc wants Troy, too, and members from a notorious ‘ex-gay’ group are slipping for the both of them.”

Chukerman played Marc in that film classic.

Brett Chukerman

Here’s what HSN says about him:

With a love of live television, Brett jumped off the red carpets of Hollywood to join HSN in 2011. His appetite for pop culture is matched by his love of technology. His intellectual curiosity spans from the latest electronics to the newest ideas in health, fitness, and house wares. He has a secret love for country music, historical fiction novels and cats – a strange mixture for sure, but one that keeps viewers guessing what he’ll say next. Brett loves guiding customers in their quest to upgrade and innovate their lives.

Here is his website, with more details:

It says that Chukerman acted “in a slew of independent films before finding his true passion as an on-air host and presenter.” We guess that is referring to titles such as “Eating Out 2.”

He worked for the Auction Network and did red-carpet coverage of the Oscar’s for

The bio also says that Chukerman has experience on home shopping networks, on Beverly Hills TV and My V Channel in Great Britain.


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25 Responses to “Does New HSN Host Brett Chukerman Have A Checkered Past?”

  1. Wayne Says:

    I wouldn’t doubt it if most of the hosts on the shopping channels have a checkered past to be honest. HSN will always be number two with QVC being number one no matter what they try to do. If Chukerman was in gay porn movies, it shows he will do anything for money & will the viewers buy what he’s trying to sell on HSN. I don’t care one way or the other about the host but I trust Herman Cain to run this country a whole lot better than President Obama any day of the week.

    • shesaidwhat Says:

      Only a true idiot can turn a TV shopping channel topic in something political, you must be such a great dinner guest. Get over it black people (well bi-racial anyway) can be president…shopping channel hosts can be Gay, and good for you, you get to be a conservative douche…

  2. Reenee Says:

    Oh well, I think he’s good eye candy 🙂
    At my age, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a somewhat checkered past! just thinking….

  3. Fran Says:

    ITA, Wayne! Obama is definitely doing a horrible job sexually harassing women. Cain would be WAY better.

    • Wayne Says:

      LOL, Fran. Obama is doing a horrible job as president, he might not get re-elected in 2012, nobody knows what he’s all about because the media didn’t do their job in 08 & it was just a liberal lynching on Cain because he’s a conservative Republican.

    • Max Says:

      It’s no wonder why this country is so divided because of people like Fran and Wayne, the two racist hatemongers, they may not be racist, but who knows?

  4. larry Michael Young Says:

    Fran Says:
    Do you think the sun will be out tomorrow or will it rain?

    Wayne Says: Yes I do think Obama is a horrable president and now that you have brought it up…Brent Chuk…….

    Fran Says: No no I was talking about the weather….

    Wayne Says: Exactly that is what I thought you were trying to ram down my throat.

  5. Chet Says:

    Bill Green is a female impersonator!

  6. C.C. Says:

    Brett is definite eye candy, so handsome. I would watch him any day of the week! He is a sweetheart – very charming and a nice addition to HSN!

  7. fithotguy Says:

    up to Brett’s recent hosting gigs; all his roles from soaps to movies have been gay roles…it’s what you call ‘gay-for-pay’; I love him and hopes he plays more gay roles; he has a smokin’ body

  8. Sophia Says:

    Who cares about the movies he’s done? Brett is an actor as well as host. Some of the movies he’s done have an important message for gay teens coming-of-age who are struggling with their sexuality. If you’ve ever seen him on HSN, he is very good at his job, down-to-earth and makes watching fun. He is also really nice to his fans and those who shop with him. Very gracious and approachable – some celebs can take a lesson from him.

  9. Wayne in Maui Says:

    Brett seems like a good guy better than most actors. Is a gay film a checkered past? I don’t think so

  10. William Says:

    You can see nude pics of Brett from his films online, just goggle his name. All of the shopping channels hire gay men, because there cute & friendly and the women dont have anything to worry about.

  11. JasonW Says:

    Most of us have a skeleton in the closet in some way yes, but very few of us were in gay porn. Yuk!!! QVC is so much classier than HSN.

  12. Jane Says:

    Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds is not a porno. It’s an independent gay comedy. Even Jim Verarros from American Idol was in part one and 2.

  13. Peter Says:

    Brett us CUTE, a beautiful guy. Nice teeth too!

  14. Sara James Says:

    Brett is a size queen that has been in many nude films. He and his male partner adopted a baby. HSN needs to stop sugar coating his resume.

  15. Kelly Says:

    The Curiosity of Chance is about as far from a porno as you can get. It is a completely adorable teenage, John Hughes-esk film that I found on Netflix a few weeks ago and have watched several times since. I actually watched the uh less than stellar Sloppy Second to see more of Brett. He was cute and charming but yeah it could be could consider soft porn I suppose. But it was no worse than the American Pie movies and ton of other main stream movies.

  16. ladycaligula Says:

    OMFG ‘checkered’. Im not sure he’s done porn but yes he was on eating out and has appeared nude. Big deal. He’s adorable and in a loving GAY relationship and has a baby. Im happy for him.

  17. Lizz Tayler Says:

    Want me to buy her Mercedes I come through

  18. Penny Winston Says:

    He hasn’t done porn. One or your Facebook friend charged? How impressive you are.

  19. Tom Grant Says:

    Clean out your own closets people before you tackle others. People always trash others so they can feel better about their own soured lives. GROW UP, GROW Up.

  20. jessie Says:

    Whatever,he so damn cute and

  21. Camille Renoir Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with being gay. Brett is nice and gracious, and that’s what counts.

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