Has Veteran HSN Host Chris Scanlon Skied Off Into The Sunset?

HSN PR is checking it out for us, but the buzz is that longtime host Chris Scanlon is leaving the home shopping network.

There have been a number of posts on forums and Scanlon’s Facebook page regarding her departure. She is no longer listed on HSN’s website as a host.

Here is what person wrote on Facebook.

“Her hubby was already a ski instructor there,an recently got hired full time,so they are moving from Florida to Colorado, if i understood Chris correctly…they were traveling back an forth, and the 2-boys are also into skiing, and Chris was in Florida and her hubby and one of the boys would be in Colorado for the winter, so i’m so happy, but yet sad also, but they will all be together now,as that is how it should be…will miss her on HSN !! but truly understand…family comes first..they all ski,by the way…”

Another HSN host, whose names escapes us, is also off HSN’s website. Can anyone help us out on who that was?

UPDATE: My Facebook friends said the other host gone is Alicia Perez.

HSN PR says it will get back to us by tomorrow.

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3 Responses to “Has Veteran HSN Host Chris Scanlon Skied Off Into The Sunset?”

  1. lucy ochoa Says:

    chris you were my very favorite host, i like watching you specially on the weekends with electronics, I hope you would come back, sometimes i would just watch because of you- you were always in a happy mood and made me laugh.

  2. former hsn shopper Says:

    Chris was the ONLY recent show host I liked, she seem to be a joyful spirit, and just love life. Her voice, her demeanor was just appealing.
    I use to look at the schedule just to see when Chris was going to be on, and would not watch unless she was on. I was so disappointed to find out she was no longer a host.

    A long time ago, there were others I liked, like Krista Fordham, Erin Morrissey, Alice Cleveland, Ann Lee, Hans Bert, Steve Chaney, Tina Berry, Atonia Pettiford, and some others, but they have been gone a long time.

    • Suzee Melner Says:

      I googled Tina Berry because she came up in a conversation…I guess she’s still associated with doll collecting. I miss her very much.
      When Mindy Grossman took over at HSN, she brought out the axe and chopped off most of the over 45 age group hosts. She unceremoniously dumped the wonderful Rachel Huber a couple years ago. Grossman has a heart of stone and a mean core. Someday you, too, will be old, Meany….I mean Mindy!
      Some of these people left on their own, but I think they saw the pattern and left before she fired them. She has held on to 2 oldies…Colleen Lopez and Bobbi Ray Carter… but only because their sales are high. Lopez also wormed her way in as a “personality” and gained many followers,cementing her position there, at least for now. She lost weight and had major cosmetic procedures to look younger and more current. She knew she had better shape up, or she would be gone too. She’s a good host but I prefer the non gushing types like Rachel Huber and Tina Berry. Colleen seems like a nice person to know off air. On air, she’s a bit much. But she sells ice to Eskimos and that’s how she stays there. All the ones who remain are used car salesmen.
      Ah, well, we can reminisce and try to keep track of our old friends. Hsns best days were in the late 1990s and very early 2000s. Now, thanks to Grossman and her quest for youthful customers, HSN sells mostly expensive crap. Junk on TV. I haven’t bought anything from any of the shopping channels in years. It’s sad where they all have gone. At least qvc has held onto some of their older hosts, those we’ve all known for years. The loveable David Veneble must go to sleep every night wondering what new thing to add to keep his current level of popularity. I like him. I bet he’s stressed to the 9s. But wait, Meany doesn’t CEO that channel…..

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