ShopNBC Vets Charla Rines And Jim Skelton Land On Dish Network, DirecTV With Watch Show

Sassy former ShopNBC host Charla Rines, who was unceremoniously dumped by the home shopping network, is now working with another refugee from the Minnesota, Jim Skelton.

Rines, who is now in Florida, advised fans of her new gig on Facebook. She’s doing a show, “World of Watches,” with Skelton that airs on Dish Network, Charlie Ergen’s fiefdom, and DirecTV.

Watch Charla on World of Watches

Here is her post:

hi folks, again & again i ask forgiveness for not being on facebook regularly. i’m having a ball on lior is amazing. now on air with skelton. kick me! he’s funny & knows his stuff too! love miami. it’s cooled down a bit (thank goodness). met some incredible people here. my daughter is working & going to school. love that kid. mr. cheeks is enjoying having madison’s two cats @ the house (kidding). what else to say? join us on direct & dish sat/sun 6-9pm. the deals are fab!

Much luck Charla.


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16 Responses to “ShopNBC Vets Charla Rines And Jim Skelton Land On Dish Network, DirecTV With Watch Show”

  1. R Ludwig Says:

    I am happy for you……I hope you and Jim have a long properous career with Lior. Personally ShopNBC are worst people Ive ever dealt with…..Actually never gave me credit for a 500.00 Renato that I returned to them. I will NEVER buy another thing from them…..Ive already bought over 10 watches and collector boxes from WOW.
    World of Watches…..and never had any problems……I hope ShopNBC goes belly up.

  2. StefF Says:

    your hasty note neglected to mention she is also on Direct TV, ch 227 on Sat and Sunday…..

    puhllllllleeeeeeeze, care about what you do…..

  3. tv show Says:

    tv show…

    […]ShopNBC Vets Charla Rines And Jim Skelton Land On Dish Network, DirecTV With Watch Show « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss[…]…

  4. livingabroad Says:

    Thanks for this info. I’ve lived out of the U.S. for almost four yrs and was surprised that Charla was no longer on SNBC as I used to ALWAYS watch because of her as well as the quality jewelry products they carried, in particular the 18k gold from Shanan??? family (sorry forgot the proper name). I ordered so many pieces, yet returned many and have much regret with gold at the price it is today.
    Anyway, I thought that Charla, while funny and comfortable, was a chic and sophisticated dresser and wore her jewelry accessories so well. It was due to her that I bought many pieces from SNBC. Will checkout her new channel.

  5. Carol Says:

    Charla okay, but Jim your kidding me, he does not sales skills, or people skills. Lets hope he adds a second YOUR FIRED to his resume

  6. Felix Says:

    What’s the matter Linda? Trying to protect Lior and SWI from the frauds they are?? I left you a REAL comment regarding their high end watches and their low end asian/swiss watches, I guess you don’t like printing the whole truth after all…pathetic!

  7. Bob Says:

    Wish there was a schedule of Hosts………. Looking for Charla, but it’s hit and miss. Love her to death!!!!! I will have to keep looking, I guess……….

    • StefF Says:

      charla is on direct tv, channel 227, in the a.m., monday through friday i think. i know she has her own spot now. good for her; wish they’d expand; she could sell anything; I’ve been watching for her too and hoping she’d find a spot somehow, somewhere on tv, as there are those of us who just like her…….hope this helps those who are looking for her also

  8. pj Says:

    Yeah!!! Charla has been on my mind for several months & I finally googled her. She is a wonderfully smart, funny, and down to earth professional. Wish I had direct tv, but glad to know she landed on her feet. Such a loss for SNBC. I don’t shop with them anymore..quality of goods has changed. Oh well..You go



  10. Susan Purcell Says:

    Charla-I bought many of “The Find” handbags and pieces of fine jewelry because of you. Miss you greatly! Best wishes on your new endeavor!

  11. Deb Says:

    Good luck Charla in whatever you do. What ever happened to the Ramseys? You are a kick…..

  12. Ann Says:

    I had to google charla too. She made me laugh on weekends on shopnbc and she displayed high end jewelry very well!

  13. Pamela B Thomas Says:

    Hi Charla 🙂
    OMG! I miss you, I retired from ShopNBC when they let you go. You were the only reason I watched you made my day all day…..So glad you love Miami you were too good for ShopNoBodyCares any whoo!

    • StefF Says:

      but……she’s long gone from there Pamela B Thomas; and i do wish Ms. H>Shoppingista would try to contact Charla and see what is up, especially for those of us who dont do Facebook. come Miss HShoppingista…..get busy, ya? or will Charla talk to you?

  14. Jack Mayoff Says:

    their on dish tv their off
    their on dish tv their off

    their back on dish tv
    their back on dish tv

    Charla new it wasn’t the same, even though Jimmy boy wanted her to stay due to the fact that everybody likes her including me and along with her vast and respected experience in the biz. Charla you were always awesome!!

    Jimzy on the other hand I really like a lot but man o man the dirt on him is amazing to say the least. It saddens me because Jim was my hero for many years but he just seems a little fake to me and for the life of me I can’t figure out why, but he comes across like a self centered overly confident self indulgent person.

    Well at least he’s not selling any Invicta watches anymore, and neither his buddy that just quit Ned the wino.

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