No Intellectual Theft, As HSN Scores Win In Patent Infringement Case

In our career we’ve written hundreds of stories about lawsuits, and here’s one where HSN emerged the victor.

According to a press release Thursday, the No. 2 home shopping network won a summary judgment of non-infringement in a patent lawsuit.

In the case a company called Parallel Networks had sued HSN, along with dozens of co-defendants, alleging that the defendants’ websites infringed a patent directed to client-server communication technology, whatever that means.

We don’t have details here, folks.

“Unique to this case is that obtaining a favorable summary judgment of non-infringement in the Eastern District of Texas in the early stages of patent litigation is extremely rare,” the law firm that handled the case for HSN, Seyforth Shaw, said in a rather immodest press release.

“When compared to most other districts, the Eastern District of Texas is famous for being a plaintiff-friendly venue, following a strict litigation schedule and having more cases go to trial,” the press release said.

The Seyfarth team coordinated with the co-defendants in preparing claim construction positions, a technology tutorial, summary judgment briefing, and coordinating for the June 21 argument before the court.

The defendants — i.e. HSN — contended that, based on the proper construction of certain key claim elements, none of the defendants’ websites could be found to infringe.

The court granted the motion in-part, finding that most of the defendants’ websites — including the HSN website, — could not infringe as a matter of law.

Anyway, here is just part of the press release that a former colleague forwarded to us.

Seyfarth IP Team Scores an Unprecedented Victory for Home Shopping Network in Patent Infringement Suit

CHICAGO (August 31, 2011) — Lawyers in Seyfarth Shaw LLP’s Intellectual Property practice, Mike Levinson, Joe Lanser and Matt Werber, successfully obtained a summary judgment of non-infringement on behalf of our client, Home Shopping Network (HSN).

Seyfarth Shaw has over 750 attorneys located in 10 offices throughout the United States, including: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Sacramento, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., as well as internationally in London. Seyfarth Shaw provides a broad range of legal services in the areas of corporate, labor and employment, employee benefits, litigation and real estate. The firm’s clients include over 300 of the Fortune 500 companies, and our practice reflects virtually every industry and segment of the economy.

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One Response to “No Intellectual Theft, As HSN Scores Win In Patent Infringement Case”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    I doubt most people really understand what the alleged patent infringement entailed regarding client-server communication — I noticed that the defense team prepared a “technology tutorial” as part of their argument. I’d actually like to see that portion.

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