HSN Jailbird Martha Stewart Attends HSN Vendor Arnold Scaasi’s Wedding

Fashion designer, and HSN costume jewelry maker, Arnold Scaasi didn’t get cold feet.

He married his lover of 50 years, publishing executive Parker Ladd, Tuesday at swanky Le Cirque, according to the New York Post’s Page Six.

The guests included one of Scaasi’s fellow HSN vendors, Martha Stewart, designer Tory Burch, Arlene Dahl and First Deputy Mayor Patricia E. Harris. “They were given postcards depicting the couple a half-century ago in Capri,” according to Page Six.

Stewart wasn’t the only jailbird on the guest list. Media baron Conrad Black, who heads back to federal prison in September to complete his sentence for fraud, was also in the house.

Congrats Arnold!


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2 Responses to “HSN Jailbird Martha Stewart Attends HSN Vendor Arnold Scaasi’s Wedding”

  1. StefF Says:

    Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot

    what is wrong with you?

    Jailbird Martha Stewart

    you are disgusting

    is this how your readership grows? by these types of headlines?

    have you no shame? arent bygones, bygones?

    at first it was the chef and some disparaging remark about him, Gordon Ramsey


    it was Jane Fonda

    then, now

    its Martha Stewart

    geezus woman, you are a lowlife….

    your coverage belongs in the Slam magazine…..the one that never lets people forget

    now, i will say Martha Stewart didnt start out to be one my favs, but i liked the way she conducted herself. She, ALONG, with Jane Fonda (although in a different way) are exemplary women who have shown leadership, compassion, ambition and energy

    i daresay, with the way you throw around labels, you lack all of the above

    you’re ignorant and it shows

  2. donna Says:

    i never comment on the web but i’m from the viet nam era and will
    never forget jane fonda’s love of the north vietnamese. while they
    were killing our soldiers she was shown laughing along with them.

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