Diva Mariah Carey Returns To HSN With Apparel, To Talk To ‘The People’

Singer Mariah Carey was back for a second stint on HSN, debuting her apparel line during her visit Monday.

The last time Carey was on, in the spring, she was not that far from the delivery date of her twins, who were born April 30 (her wedding anniversary and just two days after our April 28 birthday).

She looked really uncomfortable (“I couldn’t stand by myself”) because of her pregnancy, and she was selling her fragrance, costume jewelry and shoes.

Mariah Carey's HSN Today's Special

On air this go-around, Carey was down to earth and funny, although flashes of the diva came through. For example, when she was trying to figure out what camera was on her, she would say, “Where are the people?”

It just struck us as a little odd, and she used the term repeatedly.

She had HSN’s Today’s Special, which are pave hoops with butterfly and circle charms, for $40.

“I love hoops,” Carey said. “I love a pave hoop.”

Mariah's tiered crinkle chiffon skirt

We thought she was at her best when her husband, Nick Cannon, showed up on the set briefly.

“She’s my dream girl,” Cannon said. Now there’s a good husband for you.

Some of Carey’s HSN clothing included a smocked top, in either a big rose floral print or a black bandana print, with a matching chiffon skirt.

We were a bit surprised to see Carey paired with HSN host Adam Freeman. He usually does the morning shows, not midnight.

We tried to “friend” Freeman months ago, and never got a response — until yesterday. It made us a bit suspicious, but we guess he was hoping we’d say something nice about him since he was now one of our “Friends.”

Nice try Adam. You’re a day late and a dollar short.

Carey also did an updated version of a sweat suit with a hoodie, which seemed a little ho-hum and too Juicy Couture for us.

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