Shiseido Debuts On HSN, Rival To Leslie Blodgett’s Mineral Makeup

Ground-breaking Bare Escentuals is one of QVC’s most successful beauty lines, with Leslie Blodgett often on the air to tout its natural-looking makeup.

We find it amusing that the Japanese makeup giant that bought Blodgett’s company, Shiseido, debuted its makeup line on HSN today. But then, we’re easily amused.

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4 Responses to “Shiseido Debuts On HSN, Rival To Leslie Blodgett’s Mineral Makeup”

  1. Jill Says:

    I was just talking to a friend who owns a spa and salon that has carried Bare Escentuals for several years, but is replacing it with the Youngblood line because since the sale, the product purity has taken a nose dive. She had clients and walk in customers returning products because they were breaking out, and they had been using the same mineral foundation and other face make up products for years. She said she had started breaking out, too. I’ve been using Bobbi Brown for years, so I’m not effected. I asked her why Leslie sold the company, and she said they where having financial problems. So, I guess Leslie will be a spokesperson for the company now like Christina Carlino is for Philosophy since it’s been sold. Oh, well. Just another large company using cheap ingredients from China and elsewhere, like Model’s Prefer does now. I do plan to watch the Shisheido premiere out of curiosity, but probably won’t be buying anything. Thanks fo the heads up on the show airings.

  2. beauty products Says:


    […]Shiseido Debuts On HSN, Rival To Leslie Blodgett’s Mineral Makeup « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss[…]…

  3. jaws4242 Says:

    Looks like this blog isn’t running right now, but here is a post from my blog about my QVC addiction that some readers might find amusing…

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