Boring ShopNBC, i.e. ValueVision, Financial News

ValueVision Media,the corporate name for ShopNBC, Monday said that its stock was added to the Russell 2000 Index, a subset of the Russell Global and Russell 3000 Indexes, last Friday

“ValueVision’s inclusion in the Russell 2000 Index reflects our continued positive business momentum and our tangible progress over the past year in creating shareholder value,” ShopNBC CEO Keith Stewart said in a canned statement. “We expect our addition will help increase our visibility with investors and institutions, particularly those that utilize Russell indexes in their investment strategy. We
welcome our new Russell Index investors and remain focused on executing on our long-term strategic growth initiatives.”

The Russell 2000 index is a subset of the Russell 3000(R) index, which measures the performance of the largest 3000 U.S. companies in the U.S. equity market. The Russell 2000 index represents the small cap
component of the Russell 3000 index. Members of the Russell 2000 and 3000 are also included in the Russell Global Index(R).

These indexes are widely used by investment managers and investors for various investment strategies and provide a comprehensive benchmark for evaluating small-cap stocks performance in the U.S. equity markets.



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