QVC Will Air Tributes To Quacker Factory Queen Jeanne Bice Friday At 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.

QVC has scheduled two memorial shows for Quacker Factory Queen Jeanne Bice Friday, one at 9 a.m and another at 8 p.m. The network has also posted several videos related to Bice, including testimonials from designer Isaac Mizrahi, and hosts Shawn Killinger and Jane Tracey.

Angel Smedley, who represented Quacker Factory when Bice couldn’t make it to West Chester, also posted a message on QVC’s website. Here is part of it.

Last Thursday, Susan, her son Jack, Siobain-our buyer, Michelle-our Director, Lisa-our Vice President, Doug-our Executive VP and I flew down to Florida for Jeanne’s memorial. We landed in Ft. Lauderdale & met with Leslie-who also works with us at Quacker Factory.

The QVC team left together to go to their hotel & then Tiago picked us up at the airport & took us to Jeanne’s house. It was so weird to be there without her there. I mean—she WAS there, all of her memories, her QVC awards on the wall, her Hall of Fame-which is a hallway where the walls are covered with framed newspaper & magazine articles about her.

Jeanne Bice

I put a short video of this wall on my QVC Facebook page. Barbara met us at the house and we all stayed up till after 1 am talking about Jeanne.

After we FINALLY went to sleep, but I can assure you, not one of us slept well that night. We got up and talked some more, then got ready for the Memorial Service.

The QVC team came to Jeanne’s before the service so they could see her house. None of them had been there before—they were just blown away at the gorgeous details of her home. What a testament to Jeanne to have four major executives from QVC fly down to Florida to attend her Memorial Service.

So we piled into our cars and headed to the service. Now the QVC group was following us—please remember this—the only one of us that lives in Florida is Barbara, and she lives two hours away!!!! So it was a bit of a fun adventure getting to the church.

We followed the directions Page, Jeanne’s assistant, left for us. But little did Page know, the main road we were to take to the church was CLOSED & UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!

Luckily I had just purchased an I-phone, so I pulled up a map & got us there in plenty of time. But we were all panicking in the car, we did not want to be late, or make the QVC team late!!

We arrived at the church and greeted Tim & Lee, and many other members of Jeanne’s “family”. We walked in and saw a number of Quackers sitting in the pews. It was so nice that they came. We were all there for the same reason–to remember Jeanne.

The Pastor performed a beautiful service, and then Tim got up and gave a wonderful testament to his mother. He made us all laugh. It was a nice break in the sadness. He just talked about what she might say if she were there & how she touched so many people.

Jeanne was just a person who stayed with you, even after she whizzed away on her scooter. She just had that gift. Many of you have told me on Facebook, that you felt like you knew her personally, even though you had never met her. Well Jeanne will be with us all, we will remember her funny stories, her advice and her kind words for a very long time.


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4 Responses to “QVC Will Air Tributes To Quacker Factory Queen Jeanne Bice Friday At 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.”

  1. Elaine Broman Says:

    So sad! A customer where I work told me this sad news, threw my whole day off. I am so sorry.

  2. Lexsana Pilewski Says:

    Thank you, QVC, for paying such a well-deserved tribute to Jeanne Bice, my hero. I read her books and listened intently when she came to QVC, a place that must have been a second home to JB. I, like so many other Quackers, felt I knew Jeanne and could not even believe the announcement at the Q when she passed. Thank God her beautiful line of clothing will go forward. Nobody does whimsy any more, and nobody could do it like Jeanne did it anyway. My life is richer and blessed for having “met” her via the airwaves. She continues to sparkle and shine in the spirits of us, her little ducklings and “fan family.” Bless her!

  3. Gail Rivera Says:

    Love You Jeanne, rest In Peace! You are in a better place!!

  4. my blog Says:

    my blog…

    […]QVC Will Air Tributes To Quacker Factory Queen Jeanne Bice Friday At 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss[…]…

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