Jeanne Bice, The QVC Quacker Factory Queen, Lived A Plus-Sized Life And Made Us Believe

We were at a baby shower Sunday afternoon in South Jersey when BFF Ann called to tell us the news that QVC Quacker Factory queen Jeanne Bice had died of uterine cancer.

Ann had read Joanie-B’s post on our blog tipping us off to the sad news. Thanks for the info Joanie.

Bice, who would have celebrated her 72nd birthday July 20, passed away Friday. We had not been aware of it, but last month Bice announced she had cancer during one of her QVC appearances. She had been scheduled to appear on QVC today, Sunday, our kid sister Karen’s birthday.

Jeanne, we do believe

Bice was a jumbo-sized woman, and proud of it. She always wore a headband around her forehead, like Jane Fonda in the 70s, as if she was about to take an aerobics class.

Bice was the target of jabs by the media — this blog included — and show’s like E!’s “Talk Soup” because of her QVC clothes line and her army of rabid fans.

Her garments were typically strewn with sequins, or arrayed with scenes from Christmas or Halloween or Easter. We thought them often gaudy, but we often heard her fans — her “quackers” — like teachers call in and thank her for the clothes, which the kids they taught loved.

Bice was also resfreshingly frank about life. We remember her saying that on-air that she didn’t have a pot to piss in when her husband died. She built a clothing business Quacker Factory, and was always upbeat and inspirational.

She often told QVC viewers to “believe in miracles.” That struck a cord with us. We have little signs and rocks in our house that have the word written “believe” on them. Our ex, a college professor, mocked us about the “believe” affirmations. Cynics like him will always feel superior to the rest of the world — and be miserable themselves. He thought having faith was folly.

We’d rather stand with people like Jeanne, who also often said that she believed people have guardian angels. Again, so do we.

Jeanne was from Wisconsin, and we have a number of good friends in that freezing state. That was another strike in her favor.

QVC had a brief eulogy about Jeanne on its website.

“We are saddened by the news of Jeanne Bice’s passing,” wrote Doug Howe, QVC executive vice president merchandising, planning and sales. “Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and loved ones during this difficult time. Since first appearing on QVC in 1995 Jeanne has been one of our most beloved personalities. Her passion and spirit will be greatly missed by all who knew her.”

Posters on Facebook and have been speculating about the future of Quacker Factory without Jeanne. We are sure she has management in place that run the company, and the plus-sized model Angel Smedley often appeared on the air in her place. Angel, appropriately enough, could be the company’s news spokeswoman.

The QVC hosts voiced their sorrow about her passing.

“She was candid, she was hilarious, and she was always, always, Always kind and respectful to everyone at the Q,” host Rick Domeier wrote on Facebook. “With love to you and your family Jeanne…”

Host Lisa Robertson posted on Facebook, “I was just informed that Jeanne Bice has passed away.I am without words. I had no idea her condition was that serious. I can not express the loss that I feel. She was a ray of light in the world. I was her biggest fan and she made me want to be a better person. If someone were to compare me to her,I could not think of higher praise. She was a treasure.”

Even ex-QVC host Patti Reilly, now transplanted to LA, posted this heartfelt message.

“Weeping & aching I longed to honor your passing. i longed to honor your life. searching everywhere, I found only one answer: honor myself. become all that I am. and carry you inside that beauty.”,” she wrote. “I love and adore you Jeanne. You have been a blessing in my life. I hope they have rhinestones in Heaven. Sparkle away, my beautiful friend!”

And the Quacker Factory website had this tribute:

Jeanne Bice loved life. From her childhood in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin-taking care of her baby brother Dick, all through her married years to her adoring Butch in Ripon, Wisconsin, raising her beloved Tim and Lee, Jeanne was surrounded by love. Everyone loved to be at Jeanne’s house. That’s where the party was-everyday.

Life was perfect, until that day when Butch suddenly died and left her with her two children, and decisions to make.

As she later wrote about it, she pulled herself up by her bra straps and started over. Again and again. She discovered that Happy wasn’t a destination in life. ‘Happy comes from the choices we make and the way we think on life’s journey.’

Jeanne chose to love. She loved what she did-creating Quacker Factory clothes, with ‘sparkle and shine’. Clothes that made people Happy.

From QVC, with love

She loved QVC. Everything about it. She loved the people: the executives who ran it, and the production people who worked so hard to make every show perfect. She loved the famous stars who appeared there, and had to pinch herself when others considered her one.

She loved the hosts of her shows, her buyers and all the people who worked with her and for her to make Quacker Factory clothes a reality.

But most of all-above everything else – Jeanne loved the Quackers. ‘They come as customers, they stay as friends,’ she said over and over. Because that was how she felt. ‘I owe everything I have to these women who believe in me.’

Jeanne loved the stories they told her. On the cruises, at live-audience shows, or on phone calls during the shows. She would sit and listen. She could relate to them. She knew the power of friends to help each other, support each other.

It never mattered who you were. Rich, famous, powerful or not-it didn’t matter. Successful or struggling, size 4 or 44 – it never mattered. She loved who you were inside. She had time for everyone.

In college Jeanne studied to become a teacher. She’d laugh when she’d tell the story of practice-teaching and discovered that kids had their own ideas about how to do things. She said she gave up teaching, but that’s really not true.

Her most important lesson was that Jeanne Bice taught the world how to laugh and smile. She taught us how to look at the good side of things. She taught us to Dream. She taught us to Believe. She taught us to love ourselves; who we are, just as we are.

In the Rubber Duck Principle, Jeanne wrote this about Angels:

‘Sometimes we feel that we are all alone, as life brings us challenges to overcome and hardships to bear. But when we least expect it, help can appear. It may be a kind word from a stranger or a phone call at just the right time, and suddenly we are surrounded by the loving grace of God. Miracles happen everyday because angels are everywhere.’

Today, June 10, 2011, Jeanne joined the Angels who will make miracles happen forever.

God Bless Jeanne Bice. May she rest in Peace.

If you would like to make a memorial in Jeanne’s name, we suggest: ‘Feed the Children’, This was Jeanne’s favorite charity.

Jeanne, please be one of our angels now.


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77 Responses to “Jeanne Bice, The QVC Quacker Factory Queen, Lived A Plus-Sized Life And Made Us Believe”

  1. carol98597 Says:

    she was a great lady- she will be missed by all

  2. Claire Says:

    I am so saddened by her death, I had no idea she was even ill. I knew Jeanne wasn’t on for a while but never thought it was something like this. I will miss her and her happy ways and wonderful clothes. I will miss everything about her. Rest in Peace Miss Jeanne!!

  3. Donna B Kemfort Says:

    Alhtough I never met her I feel like she was one of my friends. Whenever she was on QVC it was a bright spot in the day. Her bubbling personality and positive out look on life would make even the most depressing day better. She will be missed as a member of my family.

  4. Jeanie Says:

    My prayers are with Jeanne’s family and friends. She had the special gift of making everyone feel beautiful and worthy. Because of this she helped many of us step out of our shell and see ourselves as “pretty” no matter what size we were….she removed the labels attached to bigger women…..she looked inward and found where real beauty exists. We will miss her dearly but without a shadow of a doubt she will live on and shine through all the lives she has touched.

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  6. Debra Kassin Sova Says:

    Whether or not you liked her clothing (which I did) — her humor was infectious. For so long, plus-size women had to hide in dark colors. Jeanne gave us color, sparkles and belief in the beauty of every one of God’s creatures. The angels will now be dressed in much more interesting clothes!

    Rest in peace, Jeanne. We’ve lost a treasure.

  7. Ladyhew Says:

    Hearing of Jeanne’s passing stunned me & has left me touched & a bit emotional. I was not a fan of Quacker Factory clothing. I often snarked that hell would freeze over before I would ever put a Quacker garment on my body(still feel this way). Having said this each time Jeanne visited the Q I would often give her a few minutes of my time. I couldn’t help but engage in her banter, with herself & the hosts not taking things too seriously. She always had a bit of snark in her and uplifting words when speaking to the callers. She wasn’t scripted with her Quacker ladies. Her heart is what spoke to all of her loyal followers each time any of them reached out to her. It will be hard to imagine Quacker visits without Jeanne @ the helm(table) wearing her headband, eager to chat(snark) with her Quackers. May God’s grace uplift the hearts of her family, close friends & Quacker family who along with myself who mourn her passing and celebrate her home going. She’s with our Heavenly Father now bedazzling and marching with the Saints in Heaven. We’re already missing you Jeanne. Save some sparkle for me! 🙂

  8. Judith Wenker Says:

    I met Jeanne once. I felt honored to meet the lady who made me smile so many times. I was not a teacher, although I worked with many children and they always had priceless comments about the clothes I wore. They made me feel happy and they made the children I worked with feel happy, too.
    Jeanne touched many lives in many ways, but always with a smile. She made you believe in yourself and always with a wonderful sense of humor.
    You will be missed, dear Jeanne, and yow will always be remembered with a smile :-}

  9. Helene B. Says:

    So very sad to think we won’t enjoy her uplifting presence on QVC any longer. What a great person. She followed her passion and encouraged others to follow theirs. I’ll miss you, Jeanne.

  10. June Says:

    I just learned ot the passing of Jeanne Bice and feel like i have lost a dear friend, which I truly have. When you were not having such a good day, watching her show was always uplifting. I purchased many beautiful items from The Quacker Factory and they are even more special now —always received positive comments when I wore them. You will be greatly missed, dear Jeanne. Hope that your show continues, but without you, that spark will be missing. R.I.P. my beautiful friend.

  11. mary Says:

    So sorry to hear she has passed away.. She was one of my favorite people who came to QVC.. I bought some of her clothes..
    But even if I didn’t , I liked to watch her shows anyway.. She seemed to always try to make others feel good..
    Now I know she was doing it even though she was struggling herself ~!
    She will really be missed..

  12. sandy wiltfang Says:

    Sandy W. Won’t be the same QVC without Jeanne. I put my DVR so I wouldn’t miss a show. Lived in WI the same time Jeanne did, same town, same age, and think she might have been at my third bday party. We moved shortly after so can’t remember. I loved you, Jeanne; and bet God has a smile when he sees you!

  13. Top Posts — Says:

    […] Jeanne Bice, The QVC Quacker Factory Queen, Lived A Plus-Sized Life And Made Us Believe We were at a baby shower Sunday afternoon in South Jersey when BFF Ann called to tell us the news that QVC Quacker […] […]

  14. Theresa Brown Says:

    The angles came on Friday 6-10-11 and picked Jeanne up by her bra straps and took her home. What a great ride.

  15. Debbie Says:

    Jeanne you were and will always remain a very special Angel. I so enjoyed and will continue to enjoy wearing your clothes. They always made me feel special. Rest in peace dear Angel. QUACK QUACK!!

  16. Diane DeFazzio Says:

    Jeanne’s Quacker Factory clothes always made me smile—–over the years I always had special outfits for every holiday . A friend of mine had a gift shop and Jeanne stopped in to buy a few ornaments. My friend told her that I loved her clothes and had lots of them. Later in the day Jeanne sent over a signed picyure and a Quacker for me……….hope her legacy lives on. Rest in Quacker Heaven with your loving husband!

  17. Sondra Robbins Says:

    I’m in shock over the death of Jeanne Bice. I just learned (Tuesday) that she passed away last Friday. There is a special place in heaven for loving, happy people like her. They’ll love her up there coming and going, like all of her clothing had sparkle/bling coming and going. Whenever I see “believe” or “dream” I will think of her. Seek comfort in memories to all Jeanne’s friends and family. I send my respect to someone who was strong and pulled herself up by the boot straps to become a very successful business woman. RIP, SJR ❤

  18. Rowena Dohnel Says:

    I couldn’t beleive it when my friend called this am, telling me of Jeannie’s passing. No idea that she had cancer, God Bless you Darling, I will miss you sooooo much,loved your personality and your very special Sparkle and Shine, you will always be in my heart !!! I made very good friend through your line of clothing, we both love our cloths and first question, what did you get ?
    We will miss you !! God Bless, Rowena D. Glendale, CA.

  19. Betty D Worley Says:

    I was watching QVC this afternoon and heard somone say that Jeanne Bice had passed away. I was not aware of that because we were out of town over the weekend. I am sooo very sorry for her family. Our family has had to endure so much cancer in the last 30 years. It hurts so much to lose a person in the family or a friend or even someone you barely know. I always felt like Jeanne Bice was someone I knew personnaly and I loved her clothes. I have several of her sweaters and I always get compliments on them. God Bless her because she always lifted me up when she was on QVC and I am writing this through my tears. This dreaded disease has taken so many wonderful people in this world…..God help up and take this horrible thing away very soon. Jeanne, have a great time with the other Angels in Heaven and sparkle and shine everywhere you go. I Loved You Very Much. Betty D. Worley

  20. Becky's been blessed by Jeanne Says:

    Go rest High on that mountain – – Lady your great works on earth are done – – -Go to Heaven now a “QUACKIN'” – – – Love for the Father, and the Son.

    She was a great lady with a giant heart full of Love – She inspired us – She made us happy, and brought us Joy – She helped women all over the world – She gave wonderful advice, learned from her own experiences. – She taught us to DREAM and to BELIEVE. -But she got her message through in such a UNIQUE and Special way, that no one else has ever done before, or ever will. – Becasue Jeanne is unique,and ONE OF A KIND. – She could never be replaced. – Those of us, who have been touched by Jeanne are so blessed. – What beautiful soul!! – She lives on. – Make no mistake about that! – And now it’s the angels who will have all of their “Hoo-Haws” covered, and who will be “sparkling and Shining” a little bit brighter!

    See ya soon Jeanne – Quack Quack!

  21. Cheri Yates Says:

    I have loved wearing Jeanne’s clothes from the time I was a size 18-20 to now when I am a 12…her clothes are unique and beautiful just like she was. I know Heaven is a happier place with her in residence. My condolences to her family who will suffer her loss, but she is in a much better place!!!!

  22. Mary-Ann Pinghera Says:

    I was watching Joan Rivers Show on QVC at the end of the show Joan Rivers, said, I send my condolences to the Family of Jeanne Bice. I almost fell over. I knew Jeanne Bice had been ill, but I did not know she had Cancer. My Mom and Dad both died of Cancer – I hate that dreaded disease. I loved Jeanne Bice – I felt she was a dear friend. Always watched her shows on QVC. Bought a lot of Quacker Clothes, but even if I did not purchase at times, I loved watching her. She lifted my spirits. My Mom passed away in 1995 and I was very depressed. Watched Quacker one night and she brought tears and laughter to me – I was missing my Mom so much. You are going to be missed a whole bunch. Quack – Quack Jeanne. Prayers go to your Family and all your Friends. When QVC Host Carolyn announced Jeanne’s passing on the air Sunday, she could not stop crying. I, too, could not stop crying.

  23. Joann Dilts Says:

    I felt like Jeanne was a part of my family. She made everyone feel like a close friend regardless if you had met her or not. She will truly be missed she could make any day a bright and happy one. You could feel the love she had for everyone. My sympathy to the family your loss is great. I am sure her wings in heaven will be coated with rhinestones and sequins.

  24. MaryAnn O. Says:

    Was on a 2 day getaway; when someone asked me if I was wearing a
    QF shirt . Yes, I replied ; then she told me the sad, sad news of Jeanne’s
    passing. I was in total shock- she was such a funny, sweet and sincere lady.
    Will truly miss her on QVC- like others I watched even when I didn’t buy anything. Love the things I have of hers. By the way, I was wearing the
    pink shirt with the ladies at the beach- it will be bittersweet next time I wear it.
    My favorite saying of hers is ” If you can’t lose it, decorate it !! ” Glad you are
    out of pain and with your Heavenly Father, Jeanne; sparkle and shine with
    the angels. Condolences to her family and friends. Quack, Quack !!

  25. Deborah Gibson Says:

    Jeannie bice came about at a time when my life was very sad I hada husband who left after 25 years and I would watch QvC regularly when she was on . Her Ability to relate and talk to people about herself and listerning to them helped me feel better about myself and continue to work .I used to buy her clothes a lot and my patients would love them and they woukldchaeer them upAnd sometimes make them Laugh. Unforunately in recent years I have not purchased many as my Job is now In Nursing adminstration and i have to be more conservative . However what she did for women all over the us Always amazed me. She will be missed I do hope her legacy will continue. However There will never be another Jeannie Bice

  26. Mrs Norma Vivienne Green Says:

    Viv Green says,

    I am so sorry to hear that a good friend has gone and that I will miss her wonderful clothes. I was in deep depression when I caught her clothes for the first time and loved her bright jewels and humour. I bought a couple of shirts to begin with and loved them so much I came back to her site almost every day looking to see just what she had done this time. I have since been on a cruise and everyone loved my quirky tops of cruise ships and cocktails and hope she will be as happy up there as she was with us. RIP

  27. Knit Mall Blog Says:

    Plus Size Shining…

    […] band who left after 25 years and I would watch QvC regularly when she was on . H […]…

  28. PATI Says:


  29. PATI Says:


  30. jean degidio Says:

    God bless Jean and her family. She will be missed by all.

  31. Sally Dwyer, Durham, Connecticut Says:

    To the sweet angel who made everyone smile…I knwowthat you will take over and give Heaven even more sparkle and shine! Love you sweet girl. You made my moms’ life in a nursing home more bearable because she wore almost nothing but “Quacker Factory” and loved all the attention and comments she got by wearing those eye-catching outfits. She was quite the prima donna and was dressed in all of her glory in Jeanne’s “sparkle and shine”…Thank you Jeanne…for your blessed life……Rest well with the angels…..

  32. Drin Says:

    I just found out about Jeanne’s passing. What a shock…I didn’t even know she had cancer. It had been awhile since I had watched QVC. Often plus-size women were relegated to wearing “Lane Bryant” style clothes and feeling and looking like they were 100 years old!! And then Jeanne Bice came along! God had a way to reach these women, and women of all sizes, on their darkest of days. Jeanne was placed front and center on QVC! Along with her cheerful and playful clothes, Jeanne had a way to lift women up and make them laugh. I went through 3rd stage breast cancer and just after I finished my surgery, chemo, and radiation I was involved in a serious car accident. For the first time I uttered the words, “Why Me?” Anytime I was feeling blue or ugly, I would wear Jeanne’s sparkly clothes, put on my makeup, take extra time styling my hear and things would happen. People would always compliment me on my clothes, that I had my bling on, looked put together, and it made “them” smile! Isn’t that something? God bless you Jeanne and your family. He sure had a plan for you…many years ago when you didn’t know how you would survive!! He always had you in the palm of His hand!!

  33. gena lawson-northrup Says:

    after many years of watching jean bice on qvc…i will miss that sweet rosy cheeked angel who blessed us with such straight forward wisdom…she was not as elegant as some who imparted flowery words upon us…but a real down to earth true spirited woman…what a gem…rest peacefully among the glittery sequined stars jean…you are one of gods true angels….quack quack…..

  34. kathleen sarpy Says:

    I was so very sorry to hear of Jean’s passing. I have been a quacker for quite awhile. I have many tops and several pairs of pants with rhinstones. I am a large woman, in my mid 60’s but i love her things. I love bling and I get many compliments on my clothes. Rest in peace Jean. You make heaven even more sparkling To her family my heartfelt sympathy to you and God bless you all.

  35. Joanne Bare Says:

    As so many, I only knew Jean through QVC. She has touched so many lives just through Quacker Factory.I am not a plus size lady but loved her clothes, loved the fact she designed style for the larger ladys, her personally, her beautiful smile and loved how she talked to people as if they were her friend for years. We will all miss her dearly. She had a quality about her everyone loved. My heart and prayers go to her family, and everyone who was involved with her personally. We will miss her dearly.

  36. Mary Jane Rozek Says:

    Jeanne once said on a QVC show : “When I die, I will dangle from a star; you can see me there”. I believe we can see her up there now.

  37. Patti Turner Says:

    Quack Quack , Jeanne.

  38. Ann Murphy Says:

    So sad, Jeanne Bice of Quakker Factory clothes – from QVC has passed away. She was a very uplifting person, she brought warmth to room when she walked in. Great lady!

  39. Lisa Horn Says:

    Shine on Jeanne Shine on………………..

  40. Carla Anderson Says:

    What a wonderful witness of love and joy!

  41. Carrie Zimmerman Says:

    I loved Jeanne Bice too. When ever I watched her on tv, I just wanted to reach out and hug her. She had such a warm personality and was such a loving person. I will miss her dearly. She was like a mom or a good friend, very uplifiting to me. My tears are dripping down my face as I write this. This is such a big loss. I love you Jeanne…I wish I could have said it to you on air. Rest in peace Jeanne…my heart is breaking and I know your family is going through hard times right now…I will pray for them.

  42. stephanie Says:

    I feel so close to everyone on QVC, as a customer.So when I heard the news from my daughter I was in complete unbelief , it hurt so much.Jeanne will be greatly missed and always will be loved…Let your Sparkles and light shine down on us,GIrl be in peace!!!!

  43. Ann Says:

    Oh I can’t believe our beautiful and wonderful funny and sincere friend Jeanne has passed away. I looked forward to her being on QVC every time she was on. I would watch every second of her show no matter what time of day it was. She had such an inspiring personality for us larger girls. In memory of you I hope you will continue bringing us the joy of your sparkle and shine clothing, we all need an up lift now and again. Quack Quack Jeanne we all love you.

  44. Maureen M. Says:

    I will miss her terribly as I would turn on her show even if I didn’t buy just to listen to her comedy, her beliefs and her great advice. I lost my husband a little over a year and a half ago and her wisdom helped me through this last few months emmensly. I even bought her green St. Patrick’s tee shirt for our annual St Patrick’s tournament here in Nevada and won lst place and got a free round of golf as everyone loved Jeanne’s beautiful design. I am so sorry to hear of her passing but know she is with the angels and they made her one on her arrival for sure. God Bless to the family and Jeanne will live in all of our minds forever.

  45. silvia sartori Says:

    Jeanne had such a positive outlook on life. She was a joy to watch.
    God bless her.

  46. Lori Kreps Says:

    Jeanne loved teachers for the very important work we do
    Everyone loved Jeanne because everyday was a blessing to her, she lived in the present moment, and brought joy to all!!
    Rest in heaven knowing you are a special angel.

  47. Lois L Says:

    I was just watching qvc and heard what happen my mom was a quacker fan before she died and when she would buy something she would get a extra one for me she will be missed and keep quacken

  48. stephen edward smith Says:

    i am sad to learn of jeanne bice’s passing
    and i want to say to her family & her qvc family
    that i am so sorry to hear it.
    signed by a qf fan

  49. stephen edward smith Says:

    i will miss her laugh and smile
    i am sorry to hear the news of her passing.
    signed by a qf fan

  50. superkarpycathy Says:

    How lucky we were to have loved someone that staying goodbye to is so difficult. Rest in peace my friend Jeanne 🙂

  51. Bonnie Ames Whitley Says:

    Didn’t personally know her but am sitting here with tears running down my face as if I did. She had that effect even over the tv. Will definately miss her joy, and outlook on life. She worked hard at life and still found joy….Rest dear Jeanne, rest in peace…

  52. A qvc fan Says:

    I am a caregiver for a 73 year old lady who is wheel chair bound and home bound for the most part. She lost her daughter to cancer 8 years ago and her son last July also her husband passed away when their daughter was just six months old and he was twenty-one years old from brain cancer. She told me today about The death of Jeanne Brice ( I myself had never heard of her untill today) But when she talked about her shows and showed me a night gown she had just got a few days before from her clothes line I could see in her eyes she truly had been touched by jeanne and then reading what so many other people are saying about her she truly sounds like an angel to many people. Im sorry for the loss to her family,friends,loved ones,and her fans may she forever rest in peace.

  53. Nancy McClelland Says:

    It’s Sat. two weeks since we lost our darling of QVC. I just learned of her passing, it’s always a shock when we lose someone of her great faith and compassion. Thanks to our Higher Power for allowing us to have her for her brief spell on Earth–keep the angels Quacking, Jeanne. We love and miss you.

  54. Ruth Brenner Says:

    Loved to spend the evening with her on QVC. Smiles were always present when Jean was there. Ruth of MI

  55. sally homes Says:

    Jeanne was my reason for watching QVC. I would put her next appearance in my appointment book to make sure I wouldnt miss any of her banter or words of wisdom. Being a large size woman and no family around, I considered her family . She always cheered me up and wearing her clothes seemed to do the same. I mentioned her passing to my husband who has mild dementia and even he had a tear come to his eye. He loved her candidness and enjoys the sparkle and colorful clothes I wear that keep us both so happy. Angel is a great pick by jeanne. Good luck Angel<3

  56. linda balch Says:


  57. JoEllen Hall Says:

    Thank you Jeanne for your line of clothing for us plus-sized ladies. You will be in my heart forever. You thought me to love life for what ever is dished to me. Your laughter, your smile, your spiritual messages. Thank you so much. May you shine and dazzle in heaven as well as Quack, Quack too. You will be sadly missed and I will pray for your family daily on this loss to them. God Bless.
    JoEllen Hall, Harvey, LA

  58. Alice L Kelichner Says:

    Dear Jeanne what a terrible loss to all of us quackers may you rest in peace and shine on forever, you brought a smile always no matter how down i felt God bless your family and friends at qvc ,a quiet quacker from new york Alice

  59. Cherri Tiers Says:

    She will be greatly missed, as I grew up many years ago, there were never any places to buy clothes for large and tall women. She made it easy for us. It was a shock to hear of her passing. She is with the angels now and the next time a bell rings she will get her wings too. God bless her family and remember all the good times you had with her.

  60. Mary Gallagher Says:

    All I could think of was Jesus saying to Jeanne “Well done my good and faithful servant”. What a light and what a joy she was. If I was ever sad I would tune in and her spirit just would shine through and you would stop feeling sorry for yourself and know it was going to be OK. She was a whole lot of inspiration when this world certainly needs to have a whole lot of inspiration.
    God Bless you Jeanne.

  61. Dee Wilhite Says:

    I had no idea Jeanne was ill. She was such an inspiration.I loved her outgoing personality. I share her belief in Angels. I never met her, but I feel I have lost a friend, and will miss her.

  62. Our parents from Fond du Lac were friends even in Boca and Pompano Beach. I sold Jeanne some jewelry back inRipon at her shop. I watched you on QVC and eas so happy to see your life improvr for you & others like aI have journeyed. May God bless you, y Says:

    Would love to hear from Jeanne’s family. Bless you all.Claire

  63. Cathy Says:

    Rest in peace. You will be missed.

  64. Regina Karam Says:

    My very best friend from Florida told me tonight about Jeanne. I am in shock. Every Quacker jacket, sweater or pants that I’ve bought have always brought me happiness and are so much fun to wear. Jeanne’s warm, loving and caring ways helped many of us get through tough times and her smiling face, love of God and His angels, love of family, friends and the USA will always be remembered.
    Jeanne you had a place in my life – now you are in my heart, thoughts and prayers.

  65. M Says:

    Learned today of Jeanne’s daughter Lee’s passing earlier this week. Such a sad situation.

  66. dina drummond Says:

    How many women have I quack quacked thru the years? In and out of the country. On the Long Island Railroad or the N.Y. to CT. Ferry we fellow quackers have Jeanne to thank. I’ve been chronically ill for 13yrs. Wearing Quacker Factory not only made me feel better but fellow patients in the doctors waiting rooms or while pinned to the recliners as we transfused were always waiting to see what i’d have on the next time. I’ve sent many customers to QVC to join us quackers. Thank God for Jean. Her clothing and words of encouragement have meant so much to me. Angel was blessed the day their paths crossed. My prayers to Jeanne’s family. Dina Drummond

  67. Beete Says:

    I am so saddened to hear of Jeanne’s passing. But then to read her daughter, Lee also passed away. What happened to Lee?

  68. Flo Dyer Says:

    I lost my husband of 48 years from cancer last Sept. 25, 2010 after a very short time. I just couldn’t believe it when I heard about my very dear friend whom I never met but have a closet full of her beautiful Quacker clothes. I am one of these people Jeanne called a closet Quacker. Not tons of sparkle but enough so someone would quack at me……My tears now are for both my beloved husband and for my dear friend Jeanne. God Bless You and keep sparkling. My heart goes out to Jeanne’s family. I too would like to know what happened to her daughter Lee. How tragic for the rest of the family.

  69. Janet Says:

    I am truly sorry to hear of Jeanne’s passing. This is a horrible disease. I was once angry with Jeanne for passing an anti-Semitic comment on her blog but soon forgave her. Her sparkling personality wouldn’t let yu stay angry for long. I finally realized she meant no harm in what she said that day. Rest in peace Jeanne. Now you are finally reunited with your beloved husband.

  70. Sandra Dyer Says:

    I just found out yesterday, about Jeanne. Tears just started flowing, I’m in shock, as everyone else. What a beautiful spirit, I will miss her smile on QVC, and the bright blue eyes, that smiled. It just seems it ‘s so different without her. Her legacy will go on though. Loved her. Sandra in Tomball, Tx.

  71. Kathryne Dennler Says:

    My world won’t be the same without my friend Jeanne to cheer me up. I’m sorry I wasn’t there when she needed us to listen to her.I know you had a special pass to walk through the gates of Heaven. I will treasure all the beautyfull sweaters from Quacker Factory. I
    know your daughter is with you and your husband now.
    Rest in Peace dear friend and family,
    Kate in Ohio

  72. Geraldine Says:

    Rest in peace, dear, sweet Jeanne.
    I just saw online today……………… sad that she is not in the world…………..

  73. Ruth Perry Says:

    Goog-by sweet Jean we will miss you I enjoyed your shows you will be missed by us quackers.

  74. pat Says:

    sorry to hear of jenns passing. i loved watchinmg her and buying her clothes. you now have your daughter with you. you won.t be alone. r.i.p. the both of you.

  75. Jo Ann Knight Says:

    Our Dearest Jean, I am so saddened after hearing you ‘sneaked out’ on us while we were checking out your latest stuff. We will miss you soooo much, but will never forget you. Thank you for all the pretty things and fun times we’ve had. I am so proud to have been one of your “Quackers”! Big Hugs until we meet up again.

  76. humor Says:


    […]Jeanne Bice, The QVC Quacker Factory Queen, Lived A Plus-Sized Life And Made Us Believe « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss[…]…

  77. Cindy Vinnay Says:

    Jeanne will be missed by all who knew her. Jeanne made everyone feel beautiful. I love you Jeanne.

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