HSN Vendor And Chef Todd English Is Like Homemade Bread, Tasty And Hot, In Times’ Photo

We’re behind on our blogging, as usual, so we just around to doing this item for all you fans of celebrity chef Todd English, the womanizing seller of poltically correct pots on HSN.

The New York Times a week ago ran a profile of English, which included some hunky photos of him lifting weights. The story, headlined “The Chef in Motion,” also cited the many times that The New York Post has skewered English, ever since he allegedly left his bride at the alter and, most recently, when Boston magazine attacked the restaurateur.

Celebrity chef Todd English being interviewed

The Times said that English is the owner or consultant for 23 restaurants and two cruise ships. He has opened many successful eateries, and had a lot of flops, as well.

The profile’s jump has a timeline of English’s many ventures, and some choice quotes regarding, and from, English.

Chef Jasper White said, “There’s something about Todd that people take as arrogant, for some reason. Is it his look? But he’s not arrogant. He’s a down-to-earth sweet man.”

And The Times quoted English as saying, “Unfortunately, when things go wrong I’m the guy who takes the brunt of it…Look, it’s uncalled for. If I were molesting babies, I get it. But I’m not. I’m a guy with a dream trying to make it all happen.”

Since our WordPress is apparently screwed up forever, here is a link to the story.


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