Singer Mary J. Blige Walks Off With FiFi For Her HSN Perfume

Singer Mary J. Blige walked off with the equivalent of the Oscar for fragrances, a FiFi Award, this week for the fragrance she launched on HSN.

Blige’s My Life perfume, which came from the Carol’s Daughter company, was honored with Breakthrough Fragrance Sales of the Year and Fragrance of the Year awards. The awards recognized the unique, pioneering approach Carol’s Daughter and HSN adopted for the launch of the scent.

HSN sold 100,000 bottles of singer Mary J. Blige's My Life fragrance, which won a FiFi Award this week

“My Life debuted exclusively on HSN across multiple platforms, inspiring consumers to buy the fragrance based on their connection to Mary’s story without ever smelling the scent,” HSN said in a press release Thursday. “The strategy was an unprecedented success: Mary’s first-ever fragrance proved as resonant—and popular—as her music, selling over 100,000 bottles on HSN last year during two appearances (a combined 13 hours).”

More than 100,000 bottles — that’s not so shabby.

“Launching the fragrance on the platform of HSN gave Mary the opportunity to tell her story to millions of people at once,” Steve Stoute, chairman & Lead Investor of Carol’s Daughter, said in a canned statement. “She’s an artist that connects with her fans on a visceral level – it was imperative for her to connect directly with them. She doesn’t sell goods, she sells her understanding and love for women.”

A celebration of a journey that began with a dream, My Life is a harmonious translation of the musical notes in Mary’s life into fragrance notes—a scent as strong, passionate and confident as Mary’s lyrics. “In everything I do, I strive to be the best I can be and create something meaningful that connects me to my fans,” reveals Mary J. Blige. “It is such an honor to be recognized for this movement called My Life. It is more than a scent – it is a journey, a celebration … it is my life.”

“When Mary, Steve (Stoute) and I first decided to create this fragrance, we knew it had to be a scent that evoked all that Mary stands for—the struggle, the faith, and ultimately, the triumph,” Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price said in her canned statement. “It took us two years to finalize the fragrance — we all wanted it perfect. Receiving this award is an incredible affirmation that we delivered it and it resonated with discerning experts, too.”

Of of course, HSN CEO MIndy Grossman put her two cents in, too.

“We congratulate Mary, Lisa and Steve for receiving the fragrance industry’s recognition of the groundbreaking success of My Life — its distinct scent, Mary’s inspiring story, and the innovative business model for distribution,” Grossman said. “We will will continue to reinforce our role as a disruptive force in the retail industry and bring products to our customers via unique marketing strategies.”

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