We’ll Skip The Brazilian Bikini Wax, And Watch ‘Destination Brazil’ On HSN Instead

HSN is trying another interesting programming ploy Friday, by dedicating the day to Brazil and its products.

We don’t know much from Brazil, other than it’s the origin of a particularly painful bikini wax.

“Bring home the spirit, culture & colors of Brazil with sizzling savings and hot, hot, hot new arrivals,” HSN said on its website.

“Destination Brazil” will include shows featuring Carlos Falchi, Jay King, Victoria Wieck and Rarities, among other vendors. Since Brazil is a rich source of gemstones, we’re looking forward to the jeweley HNS will be offering during the event. Brazil in known for its deep purple amethyst, for example.

In the cases of Rarities, we have designer Graziela Kaufman doing pieces for Carole Brodie’s jewelry line.

Here’s what Brodie wrote on her HSN blog:

I am beyond excited to showcase a magnificent fine jewelry collaboration for Rarities – it is a spectacular celebration of the natural gems and sophisticated styles of Brazil. As part of the Destination Brazil event, this colorful collection features 18 unique styles curated by me and designed by my very dear friend and colleague, Graziela Saade Kaufman. Graziela was born and raised in Brazil – a country where gems and jewelry are an iconic symbol of the culture. Brazilian women love their jewelry and wear it every day, everywhere… with remarkable ease, elegance and panache.

We have a similar design aesthetic (we both love big important jewelry)! Via trips back and forth to New York, Brazil and Chicago (where Graziela lives with her beautiful family) we finally decided on 18 designs that truly sum up the colors of Brazil. Once completed, we realized that our love of for each of these jewels represents more than jewelry… each magnificent piece is symbolic of our friendship.

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2 Responses to “We’ll Skip The Brazilian Bikini Wax, And Watch ‘Destination Brazil’ On HSN Instead”

  1. StefF Says:

    its uruguayan amethyst

  2. well known watches Says:

    well known watches…

    We’ll Skip The Brazilian Bikini Wax, And Watch ‘Destination Brazil’ On HSN Instead « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss…

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