12 Responses to “HSN Just Warned Us That An ‘Unauthorized’ Someone Now Has Our Name And E-Mail”

  1. Kay Says:

    I also am the recipient of this email. My private email address which I’ve had for over 10 years, recently started having junk/spam. It was only after I had to responded to the HSN2 survey that was sent approx 10-14 days ago. I became skeptical when the poor CS rep said that the breach had just been noticed. I really don’t believe it. The PR people need to have the line “at HSN, you are more than a customer- you’re family”. Family is what an accident of birth gives you- customers need to be earned and treated like the gold we are worth. /rant

    • Kay Says:

      ETA: the family quote should be dropped totally from the spiel that HSN has instructed the reps to say . I was just so bent out of shape, I didn’t think straight.

  2. Zari Says:

    I got this email, too, this morning (Sun.). I also got a similar email on Friday from Fry’s (Kroger) that their customer names/emails have been hacked. There are indeed hackers who can do this sort of theft, but I can’t help but suspect that these are “inside jobs”.

  3. Angela Says:

    Both my daughter and I each got the same email. Sheesh!!

  4. Mary Says:

    I just received a very similar letter from Disney Destinations. They also mentioned that the problem originated with Epsilon. Apparently many companies that contract with Epsilon have had their client records (names & emails) compromised…..It totally stinks, but thank goodness for email spam filters!

  5. M Howard Says:

    I, too, got this notice from HSN as well as from a very well known and large Financial Planning Company. It also named Epsilon.

  6. Meg Says:

    I just got this email as well – in 2 of my email accounts and I would like to warn everyone that there are 2 emails being sent out – one of my emails I got this email and in the other account I got the same email with a link to click in it…

    If you get the email with the link in it – DO NOT CLICK IT!!

  7. Chacledonysparrow Says:

    I got this email from HSN AND from Benefit Cosmetics- exact same email. I know benefit is sold on HSN so maybe that has something to do with it. A friend of mine said she also got two separate emails but neither of hers was from HSN, so I’m kind of confused but suffice it to say this involved many different brands- not just HSN.

  8. Kay Says:

    And it appears to be spreading.


    I hope QVC doesn’t use Episilon.

  9. Chacledonysparrow Says:

    Update! Just got this from best buy, too!

  10. Can I Write Off a Laptop? Says:

    […] HSN Just Warned Us That An 'Unauthorized' Someone Now Has Our Name … […]

  11. Kathleen Hiler Says:


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