ShopNBC’s Watch Geek Host Jim Skelton Is Gone, Did JTV Shed Married Hosts The Rookes?

One of our Facebook friends, Lisa, tipped us off today that ShopNBC watch geek Jim Skelton is no longer a part of that happy home shopping family in Minnesota.

We e-mailed ShopNBC marketing maven Anthony Giombetti to confirm this tidbit, and never got a response. So we checked and saw that Skelton’s photo was no longer posted on the No. 3 home shopping network’s host page on its website.

Then a quick glance at Skelton’s Facebook page confirmed the news.

“I have been the ‘Watch-Specific’ On-Air Host at ShopNBC since October of 2004 (wow how time flies),” he wrote on Facebook. “I have now left ShopNBC, March 2011.”

Here is something he must have posted in happier days.

“I am blessed in the fact that I am in a rare position where I can do what I truly love for a living,” he wrote. “I eat, sleep and breathe watches from morning to night and beyond. If I’m not on the air demonstrating watches, I am reasearching them, designing them, or photographing them.”

And for his Facebook photo, Skelton has posted an “off the air” on-screen billboard that TV stations usually put up when, no surprise, they are off the air.

And even though ShopNBC didn’t get back to us, they had posted this on their Facebook page: “We wanted to inform you that Jim Skelton is no longer with ShopNBC. We wish him success in his future endeavors.”

Anthony, you couldn’t have picked up the phone and told us that? The ShopNBC notice had sparked 60 comments when we looked, and most people were not happy.

We don’t know if this signals a change in ShopNBC’s strategy, because they have made a point of becoming the home shopping destination for higher-end watches, especially for men.

Our Facebook friend also said that Jewelry TV hosts Katie and Craig Rooke are gone, but we didn’t have time to check that out with the network’s honchos. But the Rookes are still listed on JTV’s website.

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67 Responses to “ShopNBC’s Watch Geek Host Jim Skelton Is Gone, Did JTV Shed Married Hosts The Rookes?”

  1. Claire Says:

    I am sorry to see Jim go, I always enjoyed his shows, he is a very well informed person when it comes to watches. He always gave his best and hope he will go somewhere else, where he will be appreciated more.

  2. StefF Says:

    shopnbc sounds like it is NOT the place you’d wanna work, doesnt it? yuk, yuk, yuk…people should boycott that station…..buncha phonies, all of them…..sleazy phonies…..yuk, yuk, yuk

  3. betterskills Says:

    Looks like I had the right narrative with the wrong timeline. I’m predicting he ends up on or gets his own Invicta infomercial show.

  4. Chuck Pugh Says:

    Sorry to hear this news Jim. I’ve purchased many watches from shopnbc and tuned in only because you were there not only to sell watches but to entertain your watchers. HA! HA! What ever the underlying reason for your absencee at shopnbc I wish you the best. I will not be tuning in to shopnbc to purchase watches in the future

  5. Greg Says:

    I hope that they don’t don’t replace Jim with one of their ding bat air headed hosts who don’t know know the difference between a mechanical movement and an automatic/mechanical movement. Jim was a bit whacky; however, he was not dull or ill informed like Shaun or Tim!

    • batista Says:

      or as without a clue as you.

      • Dan Glen Says:

        WAY BEFORE Mr. Piggy Jim skelton was on shopnbc (with his idiotic overblown opinion of himself…very sad to have to sit through him to see what watches were being offered on shopnbc)
        TIM TEMPLE was THE watch guy. He was there from the first almost. Tim knows all there is to know about every watch made anywhere in the world. From seiko to the most expensive brands. Im talking watches in the 6 and even 7 figures. Tim dissappeared from shopnbc just as quietly as Skelton a ew years ago…about 2004, and went to work at a lesser shopping network, and then shopnbc hired Temple back about 6 months ago obviously because they planned to dump Skelton.
        Tim just needs to go to NY and get a personal shopper…his clothes are atrocious. You can hardly see the look of the watch he is trying to sell because of his nutty clothing.

  6. batista Says:

    He is a lying azz hat that has deceived the buying public along with the Invicta Watch Contracting Company. Ridiculous retail prices, TERRIBLE QUALITY CONTROL AND NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. It is a good step on ShopNBC’s part.

  7. Frank Says:

    ShopNBC has lost me for life and everyone I’ve recommended them too for life!!! Jim was the only host with character and authentic passion for watches over there and Frankly, the only reason to watch, no pun intended.
    He turned a traditionally boring format, into an unpredictable funfest of funny antics that kept me watching and purchasing watches, sometimes just because of the way he would point out and describe details I had originally looked over.

    It’s a shame only his antics are what most people seem to remember now, when deep down under the sugary glaze, there was really so much serious watch content that will truly be missed.

  8. william robinson Says:

    im very disppoint in shopnbc for firing my host jim skeleton he and mike, have so much knowleage and experince on watches,they gave me so much knowleage on watches,he was a host that admire every time he was hosting I could not wait to see what new watches he was showing he sold me on seven invicta watches,which i would not have bolt thats shopnbc for letting are watch time host get away we will miss jim skeleton from being funny and help with some one that dont no bout watches

  9. vicky Says:

    I cant believe jim is gone. He was the only host who made me laugh and i bought most watches when he was on. Now we are stuck with these boring host who dont know anything about watches. Shopnbc made a bad move getting rid of jim they r going to lose alot of bussiness they are idiots

  10. Koimaster Says:

    good riddance to bad garbage. Long over due. Do you want the truth about Jim Skelton? See below. It took long enough for the legal staff at shop to read the thousands of pages we provided them but it appears to have paid off.

  11. Lou Says:

    Jim was the reason I started watching shop NBC but now I don’t think I will, I think the real reason they let him go was, like a lot of company’s today Jim was probably payed a lot more than the others, but instead of keeping someone with more experience they would rather let him go and pay less to someone with less experience.

    And to all the haters out there lets see you cast the first stone.

    Thanks Jim you will be missed

  12. Anthony Burrell Says:

    You found a nice way to cure me of my watch addiction by getting rid of my favorite host. I hope the whole story comes out but suffice it to say that I have already found the World of Watches show on DirecTV Channel 227. Maybe it was just for tonight but all of the watches were offered with free shipping. The folk at ShopNBC owe their valued customers an explanation for this untimely action. As one of Jim’s many fans, we can certainly vote with our pocketbooks.

  13. peep this Says:

    He got fired as he is being investigated…… Good luck to the chump

  14. rob koons Says:

    Jim is nothing short of a gentleman and has as much integrity as he does natural sales talent which is very rare. I am not sure exactly what caused this but the watch shows on the Shop are not near what they have been and this has to hurt there sales. I for one will not shop with them near as much. I am still loyal to Mike Davis but thats about it.

  15. Jim Gonzalez Says:

    I just heard the Jim Skelton is no longer at ShopNBC, I will miss him he was very passionate and very knowledgeable about watches. Maybe he’ll wind up at World of Watches. I definitely will tune in.

  16. Bam Says:

    Jim seemed like a decent guy.He was much more tolerable than most of the other shopping channel hosts.That being said,all of these shop at home channels are a joke.Particularly,QVC…where,according to THEM,every product receives five star ratings.At least,that’s what they apparently,want people to think/believe.They show a product,regardless of what it is,and the host will say,”just look at all the five star reviews”.They NEVER and I mean NEVER,show anything other than five star reviews.Yet,when you go to their website,many of the products get less than flattering reviews.I for one,have been extremely unhappy with numerous purchases from QVC.And,their customer service is an absolute nightmare!!! I realize,they have to “stretch the truth” when selling products.But,c’mon,do they honestly think people really fall for their,”too good to be true” routine?!?! I mean,have you ever taken a good look at some of the QVC hosts? Who walks around with a huge friggin’ smile on their face,24/7? And,ever notice how the host ALWAYS owns the product that’s on air,at that particular time? “Oh,I own this” “We have that”,etc….. Yeah,suuuuuuure!!!

  17. J. T. Says:

    Too bad Jim is no longer w/shop NBC, this guy actually got me into collecting & learning about watches. I’m sure this is true of many other people as well.
    His personality along w/his knowledge made watching shop NBC pleasurable.
    All the other hosts just don’t have what Jim had to attract viewers like myself.
    I’ll still love collecting watches, & I thank Jim for cultivating my interest. I know though, if I was to go back in time & was to attempt watching any of the other hosts they presently have selling watches, I would quickly change the channel. Just as I always did, pre-Jim Skelton.
    Best of luck to Jim Skelton, hopefully he returns to the airwaves w/the freedom to share his interest & knowledge to many other present & future watch geeks.

  18. skip cuevas Says:

    ShopNBC loss…do we now have ego maniacal Tim Temple as the go to watch guy???? He has started and failed (prev shopnbc, JTV, own website) and personally I feel he not the least bit likeable

  19. Dee Vee Says:

    Now that Jim ain’t on ShopNBC, I won’t be watching that channel anymore. They have lost their mystical sack of wonder!

  20. DIANE BENTON Says:


  21. Dale Says:

    I believe a previous writer stated that ShopNBC owes an explanation to its viewers, as to why Jim is no longer on the channel! I agree that he was most entertaining and knew how to captivate an audience! He could get you to jump up out of your seat, pick up the phone and order a plethora of Invictas (or other brands), by the compelling persuasion of “Hurry up, there are just a handful left!” Anytime a company has an employee with that gift, you’d think they’d mean the world to them-like Jordan to Nike and diamonds to DeBeers! With the exit of Jim, I’ve noticed that watch shows are lackluster/dull, and on the verge of becoming extinct on ShopNBC (?). It’s been a while since I’ve purchased a watch from ShopNBC, and it could be a while before I buy another one again; I just feel like if I did, I’d be buying one from a used car salesman. BRING JIM BACK! I’d be foolish in believing he’d want to. We hope you show up somewhere, where classy, elegant, quality watches are sold. I miss you Jim, especially your humor…You are one in a billion!

  22. Peter-D. Munoz Says:

    Jim was, and still is the best thing that ever happened to higher end watches.
    I stopped regularly watching shopnbc since he left.

    He was so informed, and entertaining.

    I know many feel as I do.

    I guess shopnbc doesn’t mind loosing about $100,000 in watch sales that the dedicated watch lovers would spend extra-just to watch Jim and his guests.
    I know I have not been interested since.

  23. sheldon stekloff Says:

    I,accidentally, discovered ShopNBC Jan09 and have purchased 35-40 watches mainly because of Jim Skelton. He is very entertaining,whimsical,and sometimes outlandish! The rest of the crew are boring nincompoups! Shop NBC now has boring shows,poorer products, lost good companies like Renato, and have poorer qualitity watch companies that are subsidiaries of Invicta! Please let’s see alittle more of Jill than Mike! I guess I’m not going to miss any CSI’s for Shop NBC.

  24. krane11367 Says:

    Frankly, a New York newspaper described Skelton no longer being with ShopNBC as “addition by subtraction,” and I agree totally. His on-air conduct was below that of public access hijinks, and when he was part of the WatchGeeks website – a “watch blog” that’s really a thinly veiled Invicta hype site, and one that “bans” members for reporting facts about the brand’s horrible quality – he was caught in a huge line of statements that were, to be kind, obviously not true. Jim Skelton is the worst kind of cipher – a shill that tries to take every dime you have with a wink and a smile, but pity the poor sap that buys a broken watch. Here’s hoping he never darkens another orthicon tube.

  25. Mr. Blue Says:

    I for one will miss Mr. Skelton. I’ve puchased many Invictas over the years for my 3500 employees. I myself have enjoyed watching Jimbo and have picked up plenty of high end $49 watches on (6), count them (6), Value Pays. Beat that 50mmLimp.

  26. GEEKNOMO Says:


  27. guano bat Says:

    Many in the cigar community consider Jim Skelton a con man, based on the estimated $100,000 he scammed from them and from charities, at least as far back as 2001.

    For additional information:

  28. Jim Parrilli Says:

    Jim is dearly missed by all those with a true conviction for watch collecting! He brougt a sense of humor and character to his knowledgeable presentations.Something that the current shows LACK!! I thank him for cultivating my interest and excitement for watch collecting. and sincerely wish him the best in future endeavors. To all those detractors -pocket your hollow inuendos or come up with some facts to back them up!!

  29. Kenny Ray Says:

    The chatter about Jim Skelton is entertaining, but I have a more important concern: Is there any truth to the allegation that Invicta was selling Chinese made watches but passing them off as Swiss made? If so, where can one find out specific facts about this? Is there an existing lawsuit? If I find out that one of the Invicta watches I bought, being informed it had a Swiss movement or was Swiss made, actually had a Chinese movement, I will consider legal action.

  30. Tha Informer Says:

    I wonder if the reason he got fired was anything like falsely claiming to being a Navy Seal, and having spent prison time in Ohio?
    Look up Don Shipley on Facebook and see what a long time SEAL phony looks like after robbing a bowling alley in Kittering, OH.

  31. pcg007 Says:

    What a shame! I will bet that watch segments will see much lower ratings. I am a huge watch enthusiast and Jim Skelton knows how to deliver information and capture the audience’s attention! He knows watches! Great charisma. He added humor to an otherwise dull show! Huge mistake Shop NBC! Shame on you. Hope you exercise better judgment in the future!

  32. pisano Says:

    I’m glad Jim got sacked, it was all about him. Tim Temple forgot more about watches than Skelton will ever learn. Skelton was too much of a clown that was in love with himself. Good riddance,

  33. Greg LeButt Says:

    I’d seen Temple on another channel…knowleadgable, not over bearing or in your face as Skelton…but Skelton got my attention and I dvr’d the shows, listened and learned and bought watches not once, but 4 times. I felt comfortable buying over the web…and I’m a hands’ on type and was not disappointed. I am disappointed with ShopNBC for losing him. Temple is every bit knowledgeable, but Skelton sold me.

  34. Paul Says:

    Bring JIM back to shop nbc!! The had the greatest knowledge of watches and the most entertaining style of presenting the product. Tim, to be honest tries hard but let’s be honest his “schtick” is repetitive, less knowledge based and almost a stuttering style dialog.

    Jim was always on the edge in his presentation. He was “entertaining” the audience with his humor and knowledge base. Jim is MISSED!

  35. rivahpirate Says:

    SHOP NBC ARE CROOKS They cheated me out of a watch I returned and never got a credit for it.. I am sure they have felt the lost in their pocket books. I am also sure that where ever Jim goes so goes the watch folks….I know I will buy from him again when he shows up.

  36. Steve Laurance Says:

    I miss Jim a lot. I had seen Tim years ago on another channel & never liked him. He rambles on about nothing & is boring. Jim was never boring. I don’t watch shopnbc now.

  37. Tim Says:

    It is good they got rid of that racist, popous, anti-semetic dork!

  38. J. Wright Says:

    I am shocked that Jim Skelton is no longer a part of ShopNBC. He was the reason why I’ve collected so many of your watches over the years (tons). Hate to say it, but this man bread watches and the knowledge he knew on each was was genious. Sorry, but things have not been the same since he left. I thought he was on a lengthy vacation. Well Jim no wonder I have lost my taste for watches. You inspired me to purchase them and now I’ll need to see if anyone else will ever top you, I seriouly doubt it.

  39. Gregory Baker Says:

    I agree Jim Skelton got me hooked on collecting watches…bad move by shop nbc to let him go….great salesman..knows his stuff….

  40. Rick Ludwig Says:

    I agree…..I hated Shopnbc anyway. Im glad he has moved on to greener pastures…He deserves much better than to be involved with those thieves…..They claim a watch wasnt in the box that I returned for credit…charged me 532.94 for the Renato…..that was the last time I purchased anything from them. I spent over 10k on watches, computers and mattresses with them…They lost all future purchases from me because of some dumbass working in the returns department.

  41. Kent Smith Says:

    HEY HE WAS FUN TO WATCH…..the others offer their own spin and are good as well. But Jim had alot of personality and there is a difference without him. He also had a product knowledge that came through to the viewer.

  42. R Ludwig Says:

    Jim is back on the air but not with those crooks and idiots on shopnbc. He now part of World of watches and can be seen this weekend on direct and dish networks….not sure of direct channels but Dish channels will be on 230/81 or 80. I cant wait to learn something new again about the new watches being made everyday. He is the man when it comes to watches..Its in his blood…Im glad he has left NBC…I hated those people the stole a watch that I had returned and didnt get credit for it. 537.00 Renato.
    They are shistas in the worst way…Im trying to warn everyone. Stay away from ShopNBC.

  43. Cat Says:

    I hope that Shawn will be the next to go. He is so annoying but momma will probably pay to keep him there, she is just as bad.

  44. Frank Butchkoskey Says:

    Jim I miss you Man and that ain’t the Booze talkin!

  45. R Ludwig Says:

    he is back on TV Dish chanel 230/81 saturdays and sundays 6-9pm

  46. Mike Elenbaas Says:

    Bought 60-70 watches and no longer watch the boring SHOPNBC!! Bring Jim back and I will start buying again —- plus your pricing policy is ANTI customer!! I guess I will have to go to where JIM SKELTON is now!!

  47. R Ludwig Says:


  48. G-Q Househugger Says:

    I was watching and buying many fine time pieces, before Jim Skelton hit it lucky. I go back when Tim Temple was getting too loose, and he just disappeared. I saw the same thing with Jim, and I warned him, but today you can see by his Facebook wall that there is way more than watches in his life, i.e., cars, motorcycles, knives, guns, even collects designer eye-ware. I will always be a fan of ShopNBC since they pioneered the Watch Programming as we have come to know, and I am not following his perverted snot to WOW.

  49. R Ludwig Says:

    too bad…….

  50. scottie papa funk Says:

    I saw skelton on world of watches now ; that guy mike @ invicta looks like eoulos from planet of the apes !

  51. mike kish Says:

    I’m new to the website.

  52. dennisthemenace2009 Says:

    I was a daily watcher on the NBC watch listings..I have purchased over 100 Invictas alone not to mention, the other watches that were sold on the show..Jim’s photography was so, so precise, with the clarity that you would like your own watches to be seen as..I will miss Jim as you can see by the purchases that I have made since he has left..The only redeeming value that I have to contribute a thanks to,(Shop NBC), is the Tourbilloins that I have purchased..I will now go directly to the dealers themselves for my purchases..

  53. Jerry Kohn Says:

    Invicta Bolt Men’s watch purchased thru shopNBC in October, 2009. Recently in January 2012 the crystal cracked from the 9 o’clock position to the 3 o’clock position. Return the watch directly to Invicta under the 5 year reserve guarantee program. Told the crystal did not qualify. There would be a charge totalling $108.00 for the crystal plus postage at $28.00. Requesting the charge of $108.00, was informed it was 6% of the retail price. I was outrage at this price. First and foremost the retail price as outlined on shopNBC was 650.00. That would make the charge at $39.00. In addition there is no mention that the crystal is exempt from the guarantee when shopNBC personell discus the 5 year guarantee. It cost me $8.00 including insurance. Invicta charges $28.00 for. Postage. In conclusion I feel shopNBC should inform the public when bragging about this guarantee, should alsc in form the public about the limitations on this guarantee including the difference of shopNBC trail price and Invicta retail price.

  54. Rusty Says:

    Why doesn’t ShopNBC sell Croton watches anymore? My Croton diamond auto that came with the winder is one of my fav. watches. I wanted the same watch with a black face but other places are 50% higher and no winder with it.

  55. George Creighton Says:

    Shame,shame,shame Shpo NBC.You lost too much by failing to keep Diamond Jim Skelton ,Croton,etc. quality watches and promotions.

  56. Stella Says:

    I see that paul deasys wife has her own slot on a different jewelry shopping channel …is that where all the stuff shop nbc doesnt sell goes????

  57. Stella Says:

    Just sayin …watched her couple weeks ago and alot of the product looked very fsmiliar…

  58. Jimmy Wilson Says:

    If you think Invicta is a high end brand than your crazy! Timmy and Jimmy don’t know dick about watches! Timmy called the movements engines for christ sakes!

  59. fred Says:

    hated jim skelton!!!!!!

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