Emeril, $200 Is Too Much For Four HSN Steaks, Even If They’re Marbled

Is HSN the only one that doesn’t know this nation is in a recession?

Both HSN and QVC had cooking days all day Sunday, which kept us and our charge cards away.

But we checked HSN.com, and our mother cued us into this, and Cajun cook Emeril Lagasse, looking like an inflated balloon version of his old self, was on selling pricey meats.

$200 on HSN, from Emeril

Would you pay $200 for Emeril’s red marble 1.5 pound petite New York strip roast, which includes four 24 ounce petite New York strip roasts? That’s $50 a pop. What are they marbled with, 14 carat gold?

$100 for Emeril's sausages

How about $100 for 48 sausages?

Is Emeril trying to cast a voodoo spell on us, to “glamor” (Hi “True Blood” fans) us into thinking these are reasonable prices?

It’s not working.


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4 Responses to “Emeril, $200 Is Too Much For Four HSN Steaks, Even If They’re Marbled”

  1. Chacledonysparrow Says:

    I was watching cooking on q day today and they had nine cupcakes for 37 dollars (not including shipping and tax, if applicable). I’d pay 100 for steak way before I’d pay 37 dollars for cupcakes. I could make several dozen cupcakes with stuff I already have in my cabinets right now. Even if i had to buy all the ingredients right now I could still make nine cupcakes for way less than 37 dollars. Who on earth is that lazy????

  2. Wayne Says:

    Emeril Lagasse is overrated as a cook anyway, my mother is a whole lot better & HSN is all about the beautiful Lynn Murphy to me.

  3. Kaycee Fisher Says:

    I couldn’t get pass the 6 pounds of beef tenderloin tips for $99. Seriously, Emeril and/or HSN ….. This makes the Qs food prices seem sane. Which, btw, they are anything but.

  4. A Brown Says:

    I also surfed back and forth between HSN and QVC on Sunday. I have yet to see ANYTHING that even REMOTELY begins to approach a bargain when it comes to food. And yeah. . .take it from someone with 30+ years in the restaurant business. . .Emeril is kind of making it up as he goes along. It may be good television but it’s not good cooking.

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