Better Late Than Never: Christian Audigier Handbags Sold Well On ShopNBC — A Week Ago

ShopNBC got around Thursday to putting out a press release on another designer we’ve never heard of, Christian Audigier, having a successful handbag line on the No. 3 home shopping network.

That debut took place last week, which is when we wish ShopNBC had put out the press release on it.

The self-titled show series “Christian Audigier Handbags” premiered on ShopNBC during three one-hour blocks during March 16 and 17. The Christian Audigier debut also featured a smashing hit with viewers via ShopNBC’s “Today’s Top Value” offer.

Christian Audigier, after his car broke down outside of ShopNBC

Christian Audigier Rocks the Shop on ShopNBC Overall, the namesake collection, performed strongly, with several sellouts.

The Britt Grande Satchel sold out in six minutes. ShopNBC’s best value on the day of the premiere, the Christian Audigier Runway Collection, sold out one of three colors by 10 a.m and neared complete sellout at 4 p.m.

Here is the boilerplate on this designer we never heard of:

Christian Audigier is known worldwide as a fashion designer and successful entrepreneur. Best known for his Ed Hardy brand, Christian Audigier oversees several successful clothing brands and business ventures throughout the world. His namesake handbag line brings European style and a fresh California attitude to ShopNBC with unique and exclusive styles.

“I am excited about joining forces with ShopNBC to introduce my collection to a new avenue of fashion-conscious viewers,” Audigier said in a canned statement. “I’m confident that this partnership will give a broader audience greater insight and more access to my style and design.”

SHioNBC president Bob Ayd had his canned statement, too.

“We are thrilled with the successful launch of Christian Audigier Handbags on ShopNBC,” he said. “Christian’s handbags embody the Hollywood glamour and celebrity style that our customers crave. I’m pleased with how we were able to capture the passion of Christian and bring it to life for the customer in a way that delighted them while providing great value. We look forward to Christian returning in the future with an expanded product offering.”

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9 Responses to “Better Late Than Never: Christian Audigier Handbags Sold Well On ShopNBC — A Week Ago”

  1. Jill Says:

    You’re kidding. Right? You’ve never heard of Christian Audigier? He and his wife are the driving force behind the Ed Hardy brand. Don Ed Hardy being the famous Laguna Beach tattoo artist who’s images are on Ed Hardy merchandise. Their products are in just about every department store, and on Shop NBC. Open up any fashion magazine and you’ll see their ads, many of which have a picture of he and his lovely young wife. So, they are now launching a line under their on names separate from the Ed Hardy label. Hum…

    Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not a fan of their lines, and don’t own anything they produce. I’m just surprised that you are referring to Christian Audigier as “another designer that no one has heard of”. I’m 54, not cool at all, and I’ve heard of them and have seen their merchandise and ads everywhere.

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    Yes, this is another case that show’s my fashion ignorance. I had not heard of Christian, but I certainly know Ed Hardy. I love those designs, as does my niece Sydney, age 11.

    Maybe she’s heard of Christian.

  3. Zari Says:

    In addition to the Ed Hardy lines, Christian Audigier has a line of watches under his own name that ShopNBC has been selling for some time now. What a surprise on that one, huh!? 🙂

  4. Jill Says:

    Don’t feel bad. I love fashion and spend a lot of time shopping, and reading fashion magazines and blogs. I’ve always loved fashion and I guess I always will.

    And, your right, Zari. I almost bought my son an Ed Hardy watch from Shop NBC for Christmas but opted for Invicta instead. They have the best prices on watches, and I always check there before ordering anywhere else.

    Speaking of handbags…Go to and check out Valentino’s new spring handbags. Boy, do I wish I was rich! They are works of art. Even if you can’t afford it, and very few of us can, it’s worth just taking a look. It’s kind of like going to an art museum. Just look, enjoy, wish, and dream. Who knows. Maybe someday I’ll win the lottery, and if I do I’ll buy one of his bags first thing. Well, I may buy a house in the Caribbean and a $100,000 car first. But, it will be right up there on the list.

  5. Fashion Artist Fashion Design Series | All About Clothing Says:

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  6. Kaycee Fisher Says:

    I have never heard of Mr. Audigier either. I, of course, have heard of “Ed Hardy”

  7. Annie Golden Says:

    I know his name from the Jon and Kate (+8) saga. He invited Jon on his private yacht for a week in St. Tropez. And Jon brought Hailey Glassman. He said he talked to Audigier about helping design — and having his 8 kids be in the advertisements. Then Jon destroyed his image and the deal tanked. Does anyone else remember that?

    I agree there’s no excuse for issuing a press release AFTER an on-air appearance when the majority of your sales come from people tuning in to hear the pitch.

  8. Marc Jacob Handbags Says:

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