Gem Goddess Carol Brodie’s HSN Tourmaline TS Flies Out The Door In Six Minutes

The sold-Out TS

This was the first time we ever saw this on HSN.

The Today’s Special for Monday, a 72-inch colors of tourmaline necklace, sold out in six minutes after its debut at midnight.

It seems that Carol Brodie, mistress of the Rarities Line on HSN, said she could only bring in a limited quantity of the necklace, which sold for $150.

Brodie explained that the necklace was modeled after one given to her by her “sister” in Nepal. The stones were sent to India, where they were knitted with sterling silver into the necklace. The piece sold out so fast Brodie barely had time to tell us the story behind it.

Noah the diamond dove

We did like Brodie’s tale about a diamond dove that we were coveting, but was out of our range at almost $600. Brodie noted that the dove is the sign of peace because it was the scout that Noah sent out to see if the flood waters has subsided.

And Brodie has a son named Noah. The dove was big and blingy. Brodie claimed that she wore it for five weeks wihtout taking it off.

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