Ex-QVC Host Patti Reilly Is Off And Running, To LA, and Writes About Her Pain

Patti Reilly, who exited QVC just a week ago, is not wasting any time getting the heck out of West Chester, Pa.

On Facebook Wednesday she posted an update on her status.

“Sooooo, I sold my house in a week and move to LA at the end of May, yay!!!! Someone is looking out for me, and the positive energy you guys send is amazing! Thank you!!! xo”

Patti Reilly wrote a soulful letter on her blog

Good for you, Patti. Maybe it was the luck of the Irish!

She also posted a rambling opus letter on her own website, which we don’t know quite what to make of.

She certainly sounds like she was in a lot of pain.

“Even on days when things have gone so horribly wrong you can’t even fathom expressing yourself, you go on-air and smile when the light turns red,” Reilly blogged.

“That’s when I started to feel the burn of doing something that just didn’t feel right anymore. We all have our stories and we all have painful realities, but it’s when you can finally decide to not play the victim and do something about it, that you really begin to notice the shift. I pray and meditate every night. I read so many books on self-help, healing, manifesting change, the law of attraction, and the list goes on and on and on it’s almost ridiculous. I have searched for answers in this type of literature as well as from family, friends, and colleagues for years. I have paralyzed myself with fear and self-doubt for so, so long that I finally hit a breaking point.”

Most recently, Reilly is schmoozing with her QVC friends.

“I had dinner with Jeanne Bice last night, we sat at the table talking for 4 hours!!!” Reilly posted Friday. “It was so much fun. And Dr. Robb stopped by too! Today I think I’ll be swinging, sliding down slides & in the sandbox…I have Finn for the day:). Enjoy the weather!!!”

She also has a load of affirmations and quotes on Facebook.

Here is one we may steal.

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”

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8 Responses to “Ex-QVC Host Patti Reilly Is Off And Running, To LA, and Writes About Her Pain”

  1. Peaches B. Says:

    I hope Patti does not believe by moving to L.A. all her problems will disappear. I live in Ca. and believe me L.A. is a pit full of wannabe somethings!! Not exactly the place to visit reality.

  2. Mary Ellen Says:

    I was wondering where you were. Haven’t see you on the show lately. Then thought of doing a search.
    Sad you left. Yes, I am in Cali also. Southern Cali also. Stay the way you were when you were on the show. Always happy and joking. Miss not seeing you on the q…
    Everyone got to do what they want to do!!
    Hope you find good luck on whatever you are doing.. Thanks for all the time I’ve seen you on air.
    One thing. You never got B Makowsky to model one of his bags.. LOL

  3. Becky Towers Says:

    Hi Patti,
    Sorry you are looking for yourself(soul searching),at your age with all your QVC followers hating to see you go.Maybe you could have found someone to talk to that would have helped you see things in different many ways. I hope you find what your looking for(,but in Ca.?).If you would like to talk jusy E-Mail me.

  4. Mary Spalding Says:

    Patti, You are super talented, gorgeous and sincere! You are so missed!
    I know better things are just around the corner for you– if you are not enjoying them already. Thanks for the enjoyment of watching you as a super host.

  5. brian titusville fl Says:

    patty i miss you allready the prityest girl on tv ever and so sweet so real hope to see you back on the air somewhere doing something you love your friand brian

  6. Cynthia J Roger Says:

    Patty, I miss seeing you on QVC so much, you were always so sweet with a little spice. I hope you are enjoying your life in CA and wish you the very best – you deserve it!!

  7. autosuggestion Says:

    personal growth…

    Ex-QVC Host Patti Reilly Is Off And Running, To LA, and Writes About Her Pain « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss…

  8. Carol Ann Bertucci Says:

    Miss ya . Wondered where you were. Thought you ended up with hunk from cottage farms. But read hes into other things. I enjoy seeing you on your infomercial early in the morn. I lived in Ca. in the late 70s for afew mos. Was needed back in N.Y., L.I. Now live in Fla. W. coast. hate it. Hoping to return to N.Y. by summer. Have fun in whatever you do. Miss you.

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