Bling King Charles Winston Is Switching To New Home Shopping Home

Cubic zirconia bling king Charles Winston says he is moving to a new home shopping network.

The question is where will it be, since he’s already done stints at ShopNBC and HSN. And we don’t really see him as a fit for QVC.

Charles Winston

Back in September Winston’s scheduled shows on HSN were abruptly cancelled due to legal issues, which Winston was unwilling to clue us in on.

Then this week on Facebook, he posted that he will be on the move.

“As many of you have suspected, my last appearance on the air was a huge hit,” Winston wrote, and we assume he is referring to HSN.

“I have decided to switch networks,” he wrote. “I have been in intense negotiations with several networks over the past 3 months and have made my choice. I will be announcing, hopefully as early as next week, which network you will be able to see my shows once aga…in. I am looking forward to wowing you with my over-the-top and some more conservative styles…all of which are fit for a queen.”

We hope they are more conservative, because his jewelry for HSN was too over-the-top for even us!

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9 Responses to “Bling King Charles Winston Is Switching To New Home Shopping Home”

  1. Maria Says:

    I just saw that former ShopNBC, Kristen Burtt, wore Charles Winston to the Oscars. The pictures were all over her site:

    It will be interesting to see where he winds up.

  2. l Says:

    I saw that he was arrested! Is this him or true?

  3. barbara Says:

    i don’t care about his personal life ,i just want more of his jewelry!

  4. Patricia Says:

    He’s on JTV with Moissanite Fire!

  5. Linda Sumpter Says:

    I truly miss seeing CW .for the past years
    I bought several items from him on shpnbc
    & hsn… In 2006 I purchased the eternity
    Band cz ring which was a set of 3…
    Unforturely I lost them & want to replace
    them… I would love to know how ?
    Please let me know what network CW
    Is going to be on … Thank u
    From Linda Sumpter

  6. marie Says:

    Charles was exciting and will always be missed

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