HSN ‘Food Fox’ Padma Lakshmi Is Sued For Saying ‘Go Daddy’ To Her Baby’s Father

When sexy HSN vendor and “Top Chef” judge Padma Lakshmi was pregnant, she was totally mum about the paternity of her baby. Now the whole world knows.

Lakshmi made the gossip columns Wednesday after the father of her baby Krishna filed suit against her.

Lakshmi sells teas, and her books, on HSN

The New York Post’s Page Six reported that venture capitalist Adam Dell, the brother of Dell Inc. founder Michael Dell, had filed suit against Lakshmi seeking custody of their 11-month-old baby. Lakshmi, who the Post dubbed “the food fox,” has only been permitting Dell to spend seven hours a week with their baby girl.

The Post dug up the legal papers Dell filed against Lakshmi, and they don’t paint a very pretty picture of the very pretty Lakshmi. The two apparently started hooking up in November 2007 and were still intimate until the summer of 2009, when Lakshmi was suddenly not so into Dell.

According to the suit, Lakshmi was being bitchy because she was pregnant, and she was hoping that Dell wasn’t the father of the baby. She had also been sleeping with zillionaire financier Ted Forstmann, and was banking that he was the Popi.

But a DNA test found out otherwise: Dell, not Forstmann, was the father. Yet Dell’s name is nowhere to be found on the baby’s birth certificate.

Have you got all this? We wish were we fooling around with two guys with a lot of bucks.

To add insult to injury, the Post reported that Forstmann had said he wished Dell would “f–king disappear.”

Lakshmi, for those who care, sells exotic teas and some of her books on HSN.

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5 Responses to “HSN ‘Food Fox’ Padma Lakshmi Is Sued For Saying ‘Go Daddy’ To Her Baby’s Father”

  1. StefF Says:

    i knew it! wondered who she was sleeping with…..that woman has NOOOOOOOOOO talent……ever see her on Food channel; she cant read the prompter!!!! and i wondered when she was on the Chef program who she was “ballin”, and her with her uppity…”pack your knives”…..what a PHONY!!!!!!! pretty, but a PHONY…….we wont be seeing that talent-less tart will we? good! she’s really belongs in the show, “who’s got no talent”……

  2. M E 2 Says:

    Not to mention that according to what I read, Padma Lakshmi is 40 and Ted Forstmann is 70! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ……. I don’t mind her being with him, but WANTING him to be her baby daddy? Yuck! 😦

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  5. Barbara Says:

    Just saw this now. Lakshmi was not very good on HSN….boring and dull…and a bit dimwitted.
    Feel sorry for her child. I hope Mr. Dell gets more custody than he’s been allowed. At least the child will not have an IQ of 50 if she’s around him more! Lakshmi got all her gigs on her looks only. And leave it to HSN to have yet another airhead on there pandering their wares. I believe Lakshmi is off HSN now. No big loss. I wish her child well.

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